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2008 Election &Virginia politics Richard Falknor on 04 Nov 2008 09:36 pm

Voting 2008 – Loudoun County Irregularities?

A courageous and embattled Loudoun Republican district chairman fielding phone calls sent this flash.

He reports one Maryland (by his now-photographed license tag) supposed lawyer as an unauthorized ‘observer’ in the Middleburg polling place in the electioneering-protected area where only voters and election officials are allowed to be.  And he declares that a group of young Obama supporters were inside or crowding the line around the prohibited electioneering area in Hamilton. Sample Democratic ballots showed up, he adds, inside the voting booths in the polling place in Clarke’s Gap.

Electronic-voting glitch:  The District chair also explained that when electronic voting screens are set at large type for the visually handicapped, the voter has to scroll to the next page to reach the McCain-Palin box — and those voting this way must know enough to request help to find that entry. Also, reportedly, this problem may trip up subsequent voters until screens are set back to normal again.

The District chair then related —

“I also caught people crowding the [electioneering protected]line in Purcellville. [I have] several pictures.  The first three are from Middleburg with the ‘lawyer’ who was inside the polling place.  The next two are in Purcellville, and it looks like one is right on the line and one is inside the line. You can see the very friendly faces. But the thing is, in a normally very friendly polling place, Chicago style tactics are being used with attempts to intimidate voters.”

The friendly faces of “Election Protection” workers in Purcellville, VA, Nov. 4, 2008

“I just got off the phone from the Philomont precinct captain and he just informed me that the black shirts came by several times there and went inside the polling place and talked to voters.  Presumably they were asked ‘if they thought their votes count’ or something like that.  My understanding is that any conversation with a voter inside the 40-foot [electioneering-protected space around]the polling place is totally illegal.  Who knows what they were really doing?  Was it some form of intimidation to have black shirts inside a polling place? We are normally gentlemen here and all observe the rules.  We are not used to this type of violation, and I don’t think some of the smaller out-of-the way polling places were prepared for such things.”

Stay tuned for more voting reports!


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