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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 13 Aug 2011 08:35 pm

Loudoun Press Event:Explore David Ramadan’s Background

ELECTION UPDATE! The Washington Post’s Ben Pershing reports at 8:50 PM on August 23:  “David Ramadan has secured the Republican nomination in the new 87th House district, which includes Loudoun and Prince William. He leads real-estate broker Jo-Ann Chase, 56 percent to 44 percent, with a full 100 percent of precincts reporting.”

UPDATE AUGUST 22! Defense expert Frank Gaffney declared today (Washington Times) in his column “Questions about David Ramadan in Virginia primary: Let the voters beware a candidate who is dodging scrutiny” that “Kent Clizbe has a warning for voters in the primary Tuesday to fill the Virginia House of Delegates newly created 87th District seat in Loudoun County: Caveat emptor – let the buyer or, in this case, the electorate, beware. That is sound advice under all circumstances in a democracy like ours. Mr. Clizbe feels a particular concern, however, about the lack of proper vetting of one of the candidates for the Republican nomination, David Ramadan.” Former Reagan Pentagon official Gaffney cautions “The people of Loudoun County – and the American people more generally – need to be alert to the possibility that in the absence of proper vetting, they may unwittingly elect candidates who are not what they appear to be.”

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Loudoun Press Event: Explore David Ramadan’s Background

“To explore what is known – and as yet unknown – about Mr. Ramadan’s character and caliber . . . .” —Nova Action for America

More than 50 local and national activists joined a Wednesday afternoon press event in Leesburg, Virginia, announced by the northern Virginia chapter of Act for America. That organization’s Gil St. John explained the reason for  calling the press conference:

“The background, relationships and beliefs of Imad Afif ‘David’ Ramadan, a candidate seeking the Republican nomination for the Virginia House of Delegates seat in the new 87th district in Loudoun County, have lately become a matter of increasing controversy. To explore what is known – and as yet unknown – about Mr. Ramadan’s character and caliber. . . .”

Readers can visit many of the detailed concerns about his candidacy in our David Ramadan: Are Virginia GOP Eyes “Wide Shut”?

Abigail Adams Tea Party Patriots Turn Out With Their Messages


Frank Gaffney, Kent Clizbe, Nagi Naijar: Listing the Questions Needing Answers


Ramadan Campaign Event Followed That Evening

Beverly Bradford and Katherine Mullen (The Leesburg Patch) in their “Edwin Meese rallies GOP faithful for Ramadan” got it right in a reasonably balanced article on the Ramadan campaign event that evening, when they declared

“The 90-minute event at Tuscarora Mill was as much about local Republican officials and voters meeting Meese as it was about supporting Ramadan’s campaign as it nears the Republican primary on Aug. 23.

But they are not correct when they say that “Meese and Ramadan serve together on the Board of Visitors at George Mason University . . . .” Mr. Meese’s last year on the Board was 2004.  David Ramadan was not appointed until 2010.

NYC Firefighter Tim Brown

NYC 9/11 Firefighter Tim Brown Wonders Why Ramadan Attacks Opponents of the Ground-Zero Mosque


Can Virginia Republicans Come to Grips with Shariah?

Yesterday Austin Hill, subbing for Chris Plante on his WMAL show, interviewed Frank Gaffney, Edwin Meese, and David Ramadan.

Readers can listen to the audio to hear all three — as well as some Meese audio from the night before at Mr. Ramadan’s own event in Leesburg. (Listeners should move the audio bar to just before 11:00 am.) At the Wednesday evening Ramadan event, Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese declared —

“It was a great pleasure to work with Ronald Reagan and have that tremendous opportunity to serve with him in our nation’s history. And it’s great to be here tonight for another great American and a person that I know is going to go on to be an outstanding official of the Commonwealth, and that’s why of course I’m here today for David Ramadan, as well as you are!”

In speaking with Austin Hill Thursday morning, General Meese explained his words on Wednesday evening  were not an endorsement, which he says he doesn’t do in contested GOP primaries. But he says he does appear as a “special guest for people that I have great respect for.”

Nor did Mr. Meese know what the several questions that former Reagan assistant defense secretary Gaffney and other security experts had raised about David Ramadan.

Heritage distinguished fellow Meese, however, was emphatic that there had been “vicious attacks” on David Ramadan concerning issues such as Shariah and the Ground-Zero Mosque.

But of course, we ourselves have no clear cut answers from Mr. Ramadan on Shariah or much else.

Mr. Ramadan’s position on the Ground Zero Mosque can be read in a letter distributed last August by Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. In signing the letter, Ramadan identified himself as “Vice Chair, Ethnic Coalitions, Republican Party of Virginia.”
Readers should carefully note who else signed the letter with Mr. Ramadan.

Grover Norquist is the most prominent advocate for the very effective no-new-taxes pledge, which most GOP incumbents and challengers sign.
Mr. Norquist has a less widely known but more “troubling” incarnation however — such as David Horowitz bluntly spelled out in his introduction to Frank Gaffney’s 2003 article “A Troubling Influence” (FrontPageMagazine). Horowitz then wrote It is with a heavy heart therefore, that I am posting this article, which is the most complete documentation extant of Grover Norquist’s activities in behalf of the Islamist Fifth Column.


A Talk Not to Miss on Islamist Infiltration into the Conservative Movement

This audio link is to David Horowitz’ historic talk to CPAC this year warning of Political Islam’s infiltration not just into the GOP but into the conservative movement itself. Author Horowitz compares the tactics of Political Islam and the Communist Party – – both claiming their love for “Jeffersonian democracy” to disguise their real aims. Horowitz in effect characterizes Norquist as an Islamist enabler.
Today Grover Norquist is recognized as one of David Ramadan’s national heavy-hitting supporters.

In his statement to Austin Hill Thursday, moreover, Mr. Ramadan pointed favorably to an ill-considered and dismissive statement about Shariah by New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Ramadan’s doing so gives us some insight into his judgment.

As former Federal terrorism prosecutor, and author Andy McCarthy wrote about the Christie bluster —

“You see, the problem is Muslim leaders. Rank-and-file Muslims in the U.S. tend to be pro-American and supportive of counterterrorism efforts, albeit quietly so. That’s because they are intimidated by the leadership in the mosques and Islamic centers, which tends to be heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, and thus anti-Western, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-assimilationist, and wedded to the fundamentalist, classical interpretation of sharia. That’s why, as Governor Christie ought to understand, sharia concerns can’t be dismissed as ‘crap.’ They help us sort out the pro-American Muslims we want to empower from the Islamists. When we dismiss these concerns, we end up building bridges to all the wrong people, as government has done, to its repeated embarrassment, for two decades.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

As we have already noted this week, long-time investigator and bulldog journalist Cliff Kincaid revealed

‘Meantime, an Al-Jazeera contributor, Republican David Ramadan, who supported McCain for president, is running for the newly created 87th House of Delegates seat in the Commonwealth of Virginia and seems poised to win. He has been interviewed by Al-Jazeera, which the Muslim Brotherhood describes as the ‘great Arab media organization,’ and says that his mission includes ‘educating the Republican party on the Arab-American and Muslim community on what we need from candidates in order to support them.'”

Do Contributions Lead to Endorsements?

Look at the extent of David Ramadan’s endorsements (or seeming endorsements through pictures displayed on Mr. Ramadan’s website) from Virginia politicians. Readers should click here to consider the Virginia Public Access Project’s list of Mr. Ramadan’s current contributions to Virginia politicians holding or seeking state or local office. And here readers can find the contributions to more Virginia politicians from Mr. Ramadan’s company Rama International. David Ramadan’s contributions to Federal candidates can be found through the FEC website.


Note, for example, that Mr. Ramadan gave in 2008 and 2009 a total of $20,000 to the McDonnell for Governor campaign. Mr. Ramadan’s business affiliate, Howard Heavin, CEO of Texas-based Curves International, gave a total of $50,000 to the McDonnell for Governor campaign in 2008 and 2009.


On July 1, 2010, the governor of Virginia appointed “David-Imad Ramadan” to the Board of Visitors of George Mason University. Listed here are the powers and duties of this board of visitors.

What is so troubling in all this? Isn’t this just normal American politics?

Not in this case. The concerns here, we suggest, are the extent of the contributions to other Virginia and national GOP politicians from a candidate of unexamined background and questionable views. And from placing such a contributor on the board of a significant Commonwealth university.

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