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2008 Election &Conservatives Richard Falknor on 09 Dec 2008 03:20 pm

Obama Citizenship Inquiries and the Right’s Own “MSM”

We commend the conservative American Thinker for their willingness to publish articles against the grain of the presumed “mainstream” right — in this case, on the matter of whether Obama is a natural-born citizen.

(See late-breaking news, Justice Scalia Refers Emergency Stay Application to the Full Court” here and here )

Today the American Thinker’s Randall Hoven in his “Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause” gives us his perspective.

“The irony is that this would not take a protracted trial with tons of evidence and counter-evidence, examination and cross-examination, expert testimony from forensic anthropologists, or satellite imagery.  All it should take is for Obama to authorize the release his original birth certificate, the ‘long form’, the one the state of Hawaii says it has on record.

That’s it; release the real certificate.  If the ‘long form’ birth certificate says Obama was born in the US, I think we are done.


But even if it doesn’t, we are not in Constitutional crisis or civil war just yet.  Real lawyers could review the law and determine that Obama’s birth circumstances still meet the ‘natural born’ criteria.  Let’s get this issue out of the newspapers and the blogs and into a courtroom.  A courtroom, you know, where facts and the law are dealt with in this country.

But if that doesn’t end it, we are still not in a crisis.  Legislators could come up with some kind of retro-active legislation.  I hear it’s been done before.  Again, I’m not a lawyer, but it doesn’t seem hopeless.

Only if all of the above fail prior to January 20, 2009, would we be required to follow the Constitutional remedy of installing President Biden.

I think this series of actions is what lawyers call due process and due diligence.  That, in my mind, is what we should be doing rather ignoring the entire matter because it is so unpleasant.  We should also not be rope-a-doping the legal situation just to push the issue past January 20, 2009.  Simply address the issue in a straightforward legal and Constitutional manner.  That’s all I ask.

But please, do not tell us to deny the facts, ignore the Constitution and ‘shut up. George Orwell reminded us that

‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four.  If that is granted, all else follows.’

Two plus two makes four. And the US President must be natural born.”

Readers should consider Hoven’s entire post here.

Some pundits on the right, including some whose judgment we generally respect, seem to be telling us “to deny the facts, ignore the Constitution, and ‘shut up.'” They are suggesting conservatives who persist in inquiring into the matter of whether Obama is a natural-born citizen are (at best) jeopardizing the Republican brand or are (at worst) worthy of a tinfoil hat. 

We don’t have any stake in any particular reading of the Obama citizenship dispute, but we have a big stake against conservatives presuming to tell other conservatives what asserted facts it is legitimate to scrutinize.

We have just seen the news gate-keeper role of the old MSM thankfully diminished. We don’t need to see it revived by a pack of conservative pundits, however well intentioned. Let’s avoid the kind of gate-keeping outcome that the poet John Milton lamented during the turbulent religious controversies of 17th century England: “New Presbyter is but old Priest writ large.

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