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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 17 Jan 2009 10:01 am

Jim Boulet, Jr — Friend, Patriot, and Profound Believer

UPDATE-LARRY HELMINIAK CARROLL COUNTY REPUBLICAN CHIEF — “To me, Jim Boulet will always be the personification of the word unique. He would show up at the Thursday Meetings carrying an armful of caffeine laced drinks designed to JOLT him into the morning sun.  No matter how many he drank, they failed to perform as intended. When it was his turn to speak, we witnessed an unprecedented depth of knowledge, laced with humor that would put professional comedians to shame.  I loved Jim Boulet and thank God for the privilege of letting me call him my friend.”                                                                             


 Jim Boulet, Jr — Friend, Patriot, and Profound Believer

Our good friend and constant comrade-in-arms, Jim Boulet died last evening from cancer in Arlington, Virginia. Jim’s wit, energy, and insight were essential ingredients in the meetings of Maryland’s Center-Right Coalition.

Words are never adequate to capture the essence of remarkable people — but perhaps John J. Miller of National Review on Line here gets it best this morning —

“I called him at the hospital last week to see how he was doing. He briefly shared his diagnosis, which was not good, and talked about getting his hands on a laptop so that he could resume emailing. I relayed the story of one of my relatives, who recently had a cancer scare but came through okay. “Would you mind if I said a prayer for her?” Jim asked. Of course not. So he did.

That was Jim: Dying of cancer in a hospital bed, way too young, and saying a prayer for someone else.

He was one of the sweetest guys I’ve known. He would come by the National Review office on Capitol Hill from time to time, just to say hello and often bearing gifts: a copy of Sports Illustrated with Steve Yzerman on the cover (for me), donuts (for all), etc. In our final conversation, he mentioned a book that he had promised to drop off last fall but never did, on account of the sickness that was beginning to overtake him. I never told him that I already owned a cheap copy, because he derived so much joy from the act of giving. I was looking forward to another visit, too. The books’s title now carries all sorts of unexpected meaning: How Few Remain.

For conservatives, Jim was an unsung hero. As executive director of English First, he focused relentlessly on protecting and defending our common language against the political and legal encroachments of multiculturalism. When it came to issues such as foreign-language voting ballots or the Clinton administration’s Executive Order 13166, nobody worked the Hill harder than Jim. He was a happy warrior who didn’t seem to mind the fact that most of official Washington was on the other side, eager to ignore him. He loved his faith, his family, and his country. We need more like him.

If you’re prayerful, say a prayer for Jim. He would have said one for you. Maybe he even did.” (Underscoring and English First link are Forum‘s.)

The opening lines of a venerable hymn (from long-distant 8 AM school chapels) come to mind:  “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.”


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A memorial service for Jim Boulet will be held at Harvester PCA Church, 7800 Rolling Road, in Springfield, VA 22153, at 10 AM on Friday, January 23. Light refreshments will be available afterwards. In lieu of flowers, charitable donations may be made to the English First Foundation.

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