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Conservatives &Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 23 Sep 2011 04:35 pm

Will Immigration Play Its Proper Role in the GOP Finals?

UPDATE FROM KRIKORIAN ! More on Perry’s Jobs Record and Immigration

Will Immigration Play Its Proper Role in the GOP Finals?

“Illegal aliens who deliberately flout the immigration law are knowingly and foreseeably subjecting their children to the consequences of their illegal action. It is of course regrettable that children may be harmed by their parents’ illegal action (though one needs to ask: compared to what?), but if having a child should cancel a parent’s illegal status, the result would be the final erasure of our immigration laws and a slap in the face to immigrants who came to the U.S. legally.” Heather MacDonald

Few controversies illustrate the gulf between the conservative base and the GOP Establishment as do those surrounding immigration.

(Readers who wish to look more into the fiscal or social costs of illegal (or of unrestricted legal) immigration can learn much from Mark Krikorian here, Heather MacDonald here, or Robert Rector here. And here (scroll down) is Mark Kirkorian’s post last year on “Why are the state think tanks generally so bad on immigration, when they address it at all?”)

Jobs and Immigration in Texas

Yesterday Steve Camarota pointed to (NRO) “Perry’s Ambiguous Employment Record : Who benefited from job growth in Texas?” —

“Texas governor Rick Perry has pointed to job growth in Texas during the current economic downturn as one of his main accomplishments. But in a new report for immigrants (legal and illegal) have been the primary beneficiaries of this the Center for Immigration Studies, based on data collected monthly by the Census Bureau, we found that newly arrived growth between 2007 and 2011, not native-born workers.

We found that of jobs created in Texas since 2007, 81 percent (225,000) were taken by newly arrived foreign workers (legal and illegal). The Census Bureau asks immigrants to say when they came to the United States, so it is easy to look at new arrivals who took jobs. Of newly arrived immigrants who took a job in Texas, the data show that 93 percent were not U.S. citizens. We estimate that about half of newly arrived immigrants who took jobs in Texas since 2007 were illegal immigrants. This means that about 40 percent of all the job growth in Texas between 2007 and 2011 went to newly arrived illegal immigrants and 40 percent went to newly arrived legal immigrants.

What is so surprising about these numbers is that so much of the job growth in the state went to immigrants even though the native-born accounted for 69 percent of the growth in Texas’s working-age population (16 to 65). Put another way, even though natives made up most of the growth in potential workers, most of the job growth went to immigrants. As a result, the employment rate for natives — the share of working-age natives holding a job in the state — declined in a manner very similar to that seen in the rest of the country. This is an indication that the situation for native-born workers in Texas is very similar to that of the nation as a whole, despite the state’s job growth.” (Emphasis Forum’s.)

The Candidates and Immigration Concerns

NumbersUSA gives only three presidential candidates passing grades (in our view, a grade above “D-“) on immigration, and major GOP contender governor Rick Perry gets a “D-”.

More Than Illegals?

Ann Corcoran, an expert on the flawed Refugee program,  also gave her perspective yesterday in the Potomac Tea Party Report on immigration concerns widely shared by many throughout the conservative base —

“I feel like a broken record, but urge everyone to stop saying ‘legal immigration is o.k., it’s illegal I have a problem with’—our legal immigration system is filled with fraud and abuse and must be reformed and the numbers admitted to the US reduced!

And, once again, establishment Republicans, and of course Democrats, continue to fail to see the huge impact the immigration issue will have on this election.”

Bad Dreamsin-state tuition rates for illegals.

The good Mr. Perry’s support of the Texas version of the so-called dream act is certainly a complication for Maryland conservative leaders who are doing their utmost to bring the Maryland version of the dream act to referendum.

Annie Linskey reported in her “Rick Perry to raise $$ in Maryland” (Baltimore Sun) —

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, is set to make a stop in Baltimore later this month to raise money for his presidential bid, an event that would be his first in Maryland since announcing his national intentions last month. Organizing the fundraiser is Republican money man Dick Hug, a veteran from Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s tenure. He also raised money for President George W. Bush. Hug said that he flew down to Texas about three weeks ago with other fundraisers and spent time with the Perry team. ‘When you see him and meet with him you’ll be very impressed,’ Hug said. ‘He’s going to be our next president.’ The Perry fundraiser is scheduled for 8:15 a.m. Tuesday Sept. 27 at The Center Club in downtown Baltimore. Tickets are $2,500 and include a photo-op with the presidential hopeful, according to a list compiled by Annapolis lobbyist Bruce Bereano.” (Emphasis Forum’s.)

One wonders whether those $2,500 Maryland contributors to Texas governor Rick Perry next Tuesday will also open their purses for Mdpetitions.com which seeks donations to “continue the fight to stop Maryland in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens, as it moves into the courts.”

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