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2006 Election &Virginia politics Richard Falknor on 02 Nov 2006 01:33 am

Voting Right — Our Lives May Depend on It

ED: This posting first appeared on NoVaPolitics.

Next Tuesday we exercise our traditional voting rights for members of the Congress – – – in Virginia, we will vote for one US Senator and for our particular U S Representative.

Electing senators and representatives who will vote for Republican organization of their respective chambers is simply essential to winning the war we are in, and thus to defending America successfully – – – whatever the individual imperfections of any individual Republican candidate.

Some of our brethren unfortunately have not grasped the full dimension of the Islamic radicals’ war against the US. These conservatives see our fight as a distraction from other parts of our agenda, rather than as the preeminent challenge which the nation must surmount – – – along with the critical work of getting control of our borders, right-sizing government, taking back education from bureaucrats and multi-culturalists, and advancing a low-tax, job-growth economy.

All of us who work to help those conservatives and others see how the world we once knew is ending, should read and digest Mark Steyn’s definitive (to date) primer on this war and why we must win it. Steyn titles his book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It.

Victor Davis Hanson in his review of America Alone spells out the heart of Steyn’s message:

“Instead, day in and day out, on the op-ed pages of the British, Australian, Canadian, and American daily papers, Steyn has brought home the simple fact of this war: whatever mistakes we have made are not fatal if we keep our heads. As he puts it near the end of the book, the problem is not merely that we are only employing a fraction of our physical power: ‘This book isn’t an argument for more war, more bombing, or more killing, but for more will.'” [Underscoring added.]

Hanson, a classical scholar and a distinguished military historian, explains:

“In his multifaceted homage to American exceptionalism, Steyn focuses on three themes to underscore the critical, but lonely role of the United States: the demographic catastrophe in Europe, the ill-preparedness of liberal socialism to resist the horrific nature of our primordial enemies, and the dangerous wages of Western complacency and self-loathing.”

Seasoned conservative journalist Ken Timmerman today points to the danger of a Democrat-controlled Congress ending the NSA terrorist surveillance program:

“The importance of next Tuesday’s election to the security of each and every American can be summed up in a single thirty-second spot, called “Wiretap.”

It was written by former Clinton pollster Dick Morris, and is being aired nationwide by Dave Bossie’s Citizens United, a conservative interest group.

Here is the script.

Two Arabic-speakers are discussing an imminent terrorist attack, as an NSA tape-recorder captures their conversation.

‘All is now prepared,’ says the first.

‘Is everything in place?

‘It is done. When do we attack?

‘Be prompt. Plant the bomb at—’

At that point, the screen goes blank, and the narrator delivers the come-on: ‘This terrorist wiretap has been disconnected by a Democrat-controlled Congress.'”

As Mid-East expert Timmerman emphasizes – – –

“Dick Morris put a clean cap on it all. ‘This year, vote like your life depends on it,’ the “Wiretap” ad winds up.

‘Because it does.'”

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