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Junk Science Richard Falknor on 16 Mar 2009 06:32 pm

Maryland Solons Should Do Their “Climate” Homework

UPDATE  MARCH 17! Faithful reader (and Maryland scientist) Charles A. Clough writes – – “There is no scientific consensus that climate change is significantly due to man.  I recently retired from Chief of the Atmospheric Effects Team at APG . . . after 40+ years in atmospheric science.  I know of NO consensus among those of us who are experienced in everyday atmospheric processes.  To verify this claim, go to the minority side [here] of the website of the US Senate Environment and Public Works where you will see the hundreds of scientists who have publicly affirmed this conclusion.
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As a Republican conservative I was dismayed at the pro-SB 278 votes by Glassman, Harris, and Pipkin.  If Republicans are going to vote like Democrats, why have Republicans?  It would be a lot easier and cheaper to let the Democrats vote everything in they want.  And then we could watch them reap what they’ve sown–the destruction of Maryland’s economy (and actually destruction of the bonafide environmental efforts to control water
and real air pollution–CO2, by the way, is plant food, not a pollutant).”

Maryland Solons Should Do Their ‘Climate’ Homework

On March 2, the Maryland State Senate passed SB 278, the “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act of 2009.”  The Senate did so with the help of four Republicans — Brinkley, Glassman, Harris, and Pipkin (out of 14) here; Republican senator Nancy Jacobs was absent.

Faithful readers know that we recited here in late January the lamentable record of failure of Maryland lawmakers in taking on the Green Statists — 

“In 2007, Maryland Republican lawmakers looked like deer in the headlights in the struggle over the so-called Maryland Clean Cars Act.  While current Republican leaders like delegate Anthony O’Donnell and state senator Allan Kittleman stood fast against the measure, half of the Republican rank and file lost their way when the Green Team turned up the heat.”

But there is now help for these wayward legislators!

The Heartland Institute’s “2009 Annual International Conference on Climate Change” here provides an abundance of illumination about climate alarmism, and right on the web. 

Moreover yesterday’s Marc Sheppard American Thinker article here “The Clear and Cohesive Message of the International Conference on Climate Change” details Conference highlights. One example —

“The True Cost of Green Meddling

California Congressman Tom McClintock offered examples of just how global warming alarmism is damaging his state — all in the form of radical construction blocking, agriculture crippling, resource wasting legislation the warm-mongers have gotten through to fight it.  Here’s a beauty — a homeowner can be fined $1000/day for refusal to cut down his trees if they block a neighbor’s solar panels, but also faces fines if he cuts them down or clears brush for fire preventive purposes.  And Gov. Schwarzenegger – who just proposed the largest tax increase in history to make up for funds lost by his failed green policies — wants Cal-E-Fornia to be ‘an example to the country.’
Bennie Peiser, founder and editor of the fabulous CCNet, explained the political backlash European greenies are experiencing.  And it’s pretty bad — Labor and Green parties are seeing the amalgamation of the recession and failed Kyoto-inspired energy policies driving their core voters away.  Lawrence Solomon offered more examples of overseas carbon regulation disasters, declaring Kyoto the greatest single destroyer of the environment, especially in the third world. 

And speaking of bad GHG accords, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Chris Horner explained how liberals could sneak Kyoto II through the Senate by changing it from a treaty to an executive agreement.  Treaties require a 2/3 Senate vote, and the Gore brigade knows damned well they’d never pull that one off.  But with a little legislative sleight-of-hand, the vote required could be lowered to 3/5.  And Horner warned in detail against an even slicker trick that would place it on the fast track, making it both amendment and filibuster proof – thereby requiring only 50% plus one.”

Let’s pray that House of Delegates Republicans in Maryland can take the opportunity presented by the unfortunate Senate passage of the “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act” to explain to the public the economic and liberty costs of following the Green Team’s path.

Republican legislators should publicly get behind ways to increase the energy supply here and here rather than shrink Maryland’s economy. After all, Maryland is the fourth largest energy-importing state in the U.S., as Virginia is the second.

The bottom line is that Green Statism like government-run medicine is not about conservation or health-care. Rather these schemes shamelessly, albeit with decreasing effectiveness, attempt to mask the real intention– to give the government class more power over our lives.

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