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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 19 Oct 2011 06:28 pm

Rally — Did A Tame Tea Party Caucus Pull Its Punches?

UPDATE OCTOBER 20! Yesterday, Potomac Tea Party Report editor Corcoran revealed “Another telling sign that state Republican leaders were controlling the message yesterday was the banishment of some ladies holding a banner advocating traditional marriage.  There was plenty of room on the mall for everyone, but these ladies were directed by the police to fold up their banner because they didn’t have a permit to be on the mall that day.”  Today we are told that event MC and delegate Michael Smigiel said to one of the banner women that “you are not part of this group” adding that he had also denied permission to pro-life and pro-second-amendment attendees to display their signs.  Does Mr. Smigiel fancy himself the Dick Armey here and here of the Maryland Tea Party movement? We doubt that the grass roots will take kindly to top-down efforts to exclude traditional values and homeland security from their concerns. Long-time Maryland taxpayer advocates will recall Mr. Smigiel’s 2004 vote for HB1467, then-governor Bob Ehlrich’s biggest tax hike (“raising car registration fees by more than 50 percent and truck registration fees by more than 65 percent” according to NTU) of several Ehrlich tax increases that year. As we suggested yesterday, the good delegate has trouble getting even fiscal matters right. We should all try to help him come to a better mind.

Rally –Did A Tame Tea Party Caucus Pull Its Punches?

Blogger Ann Corcoran reports about yesterday’s Annapolis “rally for good government organized by the House of Delegates Tea Party Caucus.”

She declares – –

“The one successful grassroots effort in Maryland this year—the petition drive to get the issue of in-state tuition for illegal aliens on the ballot in 2012—was not mentioned.”

According to David Hill in the Washington Times last week —

Mr. Smigiel said the rally will address only redistricting and tax increases and is expected to include several other conservative groups and leaders such as the Maryland Society of Patriots and former Republican Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey.”

Certainly independent Maryland Tea Partiers played a major role in the stunning popular endorsement of the petition to send SB167, the Maryland iteration of the so-called “Dream Act,” to the voters for their say in November 2012.

Of course, there are major spending ramifications to this question.

Maryland’s role as a “sanctuary state” entails big fiscal (and assimilation and security) costs.

James Simpson’s Accuracy in Media report “CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN” gives citizens a good inside picture of the fiscal and civic peril that  CASA brings to Maryland.

Even tame Tea Partiers should not shrink from spotlighting the costs of allowing Maryland to remain a sanctuary state for illegals.

Readers who wish to look more into the fiscal or social costs of illegal (or of unrestricted legal) immigration can learn much from Mark Krikorian here, Heather MacDonald here, or Robert Rector here. And here (scroll down) is Mark Kirkorian’s post last year asking “why are the state think tanks generally so bad on immigration, when they address it at all?”

Inexplicably Grover Norquist was a major speaker at the rally.  Elsewhere, however, Mr. Norquist speaks for amnesty.  The Heritage Foundation put a price tag on amnesty here. Some fiscal conservative!

Nor apparently did the authors of the Smigiel rally’s agenda highlight Carroll County commissioner Richard Rothschild’s statewide drive against the “smart growth” agenda and its PlanMaryland incarnation – – Rothschild’s being yet another significant grass-roots initiative.

But why should they?  Just about silly old property rights and forcing housing density and all that.

Local Tea Partiers, however, do pay attention. Rothschild’s effort will likely get some support tomorrow on the Eastern Shore —

The Wicomico Maryland Society of Patriots is growing fast and will be holding another meeting this Thursday to discuss the impact of ‘Plan Maryland’ legislat[ion] that will infringe on the property rights of every Marylander.”

Washington County Tea Party organizer Corcoran also observed (read her entire report) —

“I did get the impression that the Republican leadership in Maryland is trying really hard to keep the Tea Party grassroots safely tucked under its wing.”


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