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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 24 Oct 2011 04:07 pm

Saturday: Invite Your Own Lawmakers To The CAN Meet

Most conservatives hope their local state lawmakers have at least some conservative political instincts.

And if their lawmakers happen to sail under the Republican flag, conservatives expect them to act as conservatives.

This Saturday in Annapolis — with their Turning the Tides conference — the Maryland Conservative Action Network (CAN) is bringing together some world-class speakers on compelling challenges facing American lawmakers.

Here are several panels we find of special importance  – –

“The Threat to Private Property Rights: U.N. Agenda 21.

“Is Sharia Law Coming to Maryland?

“Election Integrity.

  • Moderator: Cathy Kelleher, Election Integrity Maryland
  • J. Christian Adams, former U.S. Justice Department lawyer who resigned over the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case in Philadelphia
  • Kathy Afzali, MD Delegate
  • Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder – True the Vote (Houston, TX)”

“Education Imperatives.

  • Moderator: Brian Meshkin, Howard County School Board
  • Ed Amatetti, New Renaissance in Education
  • Vicki Harding, Vice President, Baltimore Black Think Tank.”

“Petition Drives.

But check out the entire offering yourself right here. And pick your own favorite panels.

Click here for time, place, and admission details.

Readers should ask their own state lawmakers to come sit with them to listen to at least one or two panels.

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