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Uncategorized Richard Falknor on 30 Oct 2011 01:18 pm

“Turning the Tides”: Opportunity Lost for Many GOP Solons?

Yesterday’s Annapolis “Turning the Tides” conference — skillfully composed and orchestrated by the Maryland Conservative Action Network (MD CAN)— gave around 200 participants essential insights into some serious threats to our freedom.

These threats range from the Muslim Brotherhood (see foregoing link of earlier Fred Grandy video) and stealth Shariah, to a rogue Department of Justice portrayed in Christian Adams’ new book ‘Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.’ ”

With fact and humor, Christopher Monckton deconstructed PlanMaryland an Annapolis-controlled  “planning” scheme – collectivization with lipstick  — that could control the coming face of Maryland from housing to cars.

True the Vote’s Mark Antill underscored (see this video) the overriding need to fight election fraud in 2012.  Election Integrity Maryland’s Cathy Kelleher moderated the conference’s Voter Integrity panel.

Delegates Pat McDonough and Neil Parrott were much in evidence in addition to presenting on their panel on Petition Drives, and delegate Kathy Afzali contributed her own experiences on the Voter Integrity panel. Reportedly delegate Susan McComas was also at the Turning the Tides conference. (If we have missed any members of the General Assembly who took part in this conference, we shall, of course, add their names to this post.)

Today’s Annapolis Capital quotes Tonya Tiffany, one of the three conference organizers (and MD CAN founders, the other two being Ann Corcoran and Catharine Trauernicht) – –

“She said the real purpose of the conference was to prod the Republican Party into becoming more conservative.

Only a small percentage of voters bother going to the polls, she said, because the candidates are not conservative enough.

‘The Maryland Republican Party is too liberal,’ Tiffany said. ‘If Gov. (Robert) Ehrlich had governed more conservatively, I think he would have been reelected.’”

But there are 43 GOP delegates and 12 GOP state senators in the Maryland General Assembly.  Where were the missing delegates, and state senators?  Did they believe they had nothing important to learn here that they could not get from the wisdom of their caucus leadership?  Perhaps the absentees think these conservative concerns will all blow over by 2014 when they face the voters? Won’t president Mitt Romney calm these zealots down across the nation so we can get back to Republican business as usual in Washington, D. C. and of course in Annapolis?

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