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Junk Science Richard Falknor on 01 Nov 2011 07:02 am

Experts Take Down PlanMaryland’s Bad Numbers, Premises


  • Click here for video of PlanMaryland: At the Crossroads.
  • Marylander Ken Timmerman reveals (Daily Caller) “Md. rural officials, lawmakers threaten tax revolt, mass exodus over environmental plan.” Click here to read entire Timmerman report.

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Experts Take Down PlanMaryland’s Bad Numbers, Premises

Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild yesterday assembled a team of world-class experts to put the Martin O’Malley Administration’s PlanMaryland under the microscope.

They announced their results to an estimated 125 souls with a riveting group of slide presentations at the Pikesville Hilton.

PlanMaryland is an Annapolis-controlled “planning” scheme — “collectivization with lipstick,” as we have written  — that could control the coming face of Maryland from housing to cars to property rights.

The kick-off analyst was Christopher Monckton (scroll down in foregoing link for the details of his professional background).  The sometime special adviser to Margaret Thatcher expanded on what had been his top-flight performance last Saturday at the Maryland Conservative Action Network’s “Turning the Tides” conference in Annapolis.

Further Findings

Wendell Cox — “Compact Growth;” Patrick Moffitt —  “Unintended Consequences;” George Frigon — “Are Septic Systems Damaging the Chesapeake?” and Ed Braddy — “Quality of Life Premises” (click here for more detail on each of the expert presenters) told the gathering of county officials, state lawmakers, and grass-roots activists about their own skeptical conclusions on PlanMaryland.

A final assessment of PlanMaryland?  The following “Report Card”  summarizes how Christopher Monckton graded the plan’s major elements —

19 county commissioners or county councilmen, along with five delegates to the General Assembly and two state senators attended the conference to hear the five expert presenters.

Two commissioners, Blaine Young of Frederick County and Cindy Jones of St. Mary’s County, as well as Carroll County commissioners, Robin Frazier and Dave Roush, backstopped conference leader Rothschild.

There is an even larger significance here than the many serious concerns raised by PlanMaryland.

Within the last week, we have seen two statewide meetings organized by the grass-roots representing a new generation of conservative talent in the Old Line State.

At least some of this strength arises from the legacy of the Brian Murphy campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.  (Faithful readers will recall the difficulty of keeping the conservative torch lit during the years of the Ehrlich Ascendancy in the Maryland GOP.)

We expect the conference material — exposing the scientific weaknesses and real-world dangers of PlanMaryland in detail — to be available on line shortly.  Stay tuned.

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