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Conservatives &Fiscal Policy &Junk Science Richard Falknor on 22 Apr 2009 08:46 pm

Quick Briefs for Maryland and Virginia Conservatives

Here is Larry Kudlow on “TARP, the Criminal Enterprise?” in today’s National Review on Line (NRO)

“Is the whole TARP plan a criminal enterprise? Sounds farfetched, I suppose. But after reading about Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky’s report, it may well be that TARP is just one big criminal problem.

Listen to this: Barofsky’s investigators reported Monday that they have opened 20 criminal probes into possible securities fraud, tax-law violations, insider-trading, and mortgage-modification fraud related to TARP. Yup, those are criminal probes. Barofsky is the special IG overseeing the bailout program. And for some reason the mainstream media refuses to report this on the front pages where it belongs.

Barofsky’s report spans 247 pages. And it says that the very character of the bailout program makes it “inherently vulnerable to fraud, waste and abuse, including significant issues related to conflicts of interest facing fund managers, collusion between participants and vulnerabilities to money laundering.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Read it all here — and remember which of your U. S. Representatives voted for the TARP here and here, and which had the good judgment to oppose it.  As Mark Levin reminds us, “Republicans seem clueless on how to slow, contain, and reverse the Statist’s agenda.”

* * * * *

John Derbyshire here declares the New Criterion and the Claremont Review of Books  “Simply the Best”(we would add essential) – –

“A reader:

‘Good Mr. Derbyshire,

… The TNC nail is one you must strike with a hammer repeatedly. I have recently moved to New York and I associate with the Young Republicans and the occasional The New Criterion social gathering (that’s about it for young conservatives). It saddens me that no Young Republicans (to which I have spoken) read The New Criterion. None who I spoke to at a TNC function read the Claremont Review of Books.

This is incredible and disappointing. National Review may be a lodestone of the conservative movement and should supplement the literary diet of any fellow-traveler, but all those interested in the long fight, conservatism’s role in history and culture, our first principles and our future, must consider it their duty to read both TNC and the CRB. To do less is to be uneducated.’ (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Roger on that, Sir. I am sorry I did not include CRB in my advertisement, the more especially as I have a piece (on Kipling) in the next issue of that splendid journal. Fill up your house with conservative culture!”

* * * * *

Edward John Craig writes about “Dearth Day 2009″ at NRO’s Planet Gore here – –

“Planet Gore is not alone in “celebrating” Lenin’s birthday and the Malthusian effort to promote poverty around the planet that coincides with it.

Over on the homepage, don’t miss Jonah Goldberg on the EPA and CO2 regulation; Mark Hemingway on Discovery’s “Planet Green”;  Duncan Currie on cap-and-trade; and Wesley J. Smith on Hollywood’s burgeoning anti-humanism.

And over on the Media Blog, Kevin Williamson recalls the charming history of Earth Day’s founder:

Given that Earth Day is basically a media festival, it’s always mysterious to me that so little press attention is given to the guy who started it, Ira Einhorn:

“Environmentalist Loved Planet, Murdered Girlfriend”

In other Earth Day developments, the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Myron Ebell, a Marylander, in prepared testimony here for the Waxman (House Energy and Commerce) Committee on the draft “American Clean Energy and Security Act”, underscored some crucial facts about the cap-and-trade lobby

“And that I think is why many member companies of the U. S. Climate Action Partnership support cap-and-trade legislation. They hope in one way or another to get rich at the expense of American consumers. The leading boosters for the Kyoto Protocol and for cap-and-trade in the U. S. business community were initially the late Kenneth Lay, Chairman of the Enron Corporation, and Henry Paulson, when he was Chairman of Goldman Sachs. In recent years, the principal booster in the big business community has been Mr. James Rogers, who is now Chairman of Duke Energy. Not co-incidentally, I think, Mr. Rogers worked for Enron earlier in his career. There is simply a lot of money that could be made if the Congress would enact just the right sort of cap-and-trade.

That brings me to what I consider the most disturbing thing about the Waxman-Markey draft. The official summary released by the Committee states that, ‘The global warming provisions in the discussion draft are modeled closely on the recommendations of the U. S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a coalition of electric utilities, oil companies,chemical companies, automobile manufacturers, other manufacturers and energy companies, and environmental organizations.’ It should be noted that most of the environmental organizations that belong to USCAP largely serve as front groups for big business interests. Thus, the authors of the draft bill have invited the beneficiaries of what could turn out to be the biggest transfer of wealth from consumers to special interests in American history to write the rules for this legalized plunder.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Jonah Goldberg (cited by Edward John Craig, earlier) sums up the latest “environmentalist” threat — to our freedom –and not surprisingly from EPA itself:

“California’s Barbara Boxer, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has said as much: ‘EPA, through its scientists, has given us a warning that global warming pollution is a clear, present, and future danger to America’s families. If Congress does not act to pass legislation, then I will call on the EPA to take all steps authorized by law to protect our families.’

Translation: Either you vote our way or we’ll render voting meaningless.

Other Democrats are delighted by the EPA decision because it allows them to have their preferred policy — carbon regulation — without actually having to vote for it.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like these folks take their oaths of office very seriously.”

Stay tuned to our Quick Briefs to monitor Statist challenges from the Obama White House and the Democrat Congressional Leadership.



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