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Conservatives &Virginia politics Richard Falknor on 03 Jun 2009 09:46 pm

GOP Ticket: Don’t Ignore Virginia Liberty Concerns

Virginia Republican leaders should take care not to ignore below-the-radar developments that endanger our freedom and our culture.

Here are three liberty concerns to which the statewide Republican trio of Robert McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli should pay some attention.

Virginia and the New Collectivization

The Heritage Foundation’s  (and Virginian) Ronald Utt this week released his  “Slouching Toward a ‘Huddled Masses’ Housing Policy: Saving Energy with Higher Densities?” here.

“If President Obama and his subordinates are to be believed, this Administration is promising to impose unprecedented (‘transformational’) changes on the way Americans live, work, and travel in order to achieve a variety of environmental goals.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Declares National Review on Line (NRO)’s John Hood “Leave Room for You and Me to Grow” here – –

“Reason Foundation scholar Sam Staley is following these issues closely, as are Randal O’Toole at the Cato Institute and scores of think tankers at the state level (visit their trade association, the State Policy Network, here and click on your state for more information). You should be follow[ing] these issues closely, too, if you value the right to choose where you want to live, how you will house your family, and what means of travel you will use to commute, shop, and recreate.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Growing Federal leverage (recall the Stimulus Package) will increasingly force state and local governments to plan and zone for so-called “smart growth.” This leverage could become the Administration’s means of realizing its “transformational” goals in the Old Dominion. That is why Hallowed Ground  and similar laws are so dangerous. 

The ‘Huddled Masses Housing Policy’ is a liberty issue that Mr. McDonnell and his running mates should get their arms around.  As the candidate said – –

 “We must save the Founder’s vision of individual liberty!”

A Giant Virginia Public University Continues Its “Diversity” Indoctrination

We have several times written about Virginia Tech and its “diversity” masters–

“In Virginia, we have seen the “diversity” plague spread through Virginia Tech – a matter we have written about here and here.  Yet one rarely if ever hears the voice of the Virginia Republican establishment challenge such systematic attacks on freedom and western values as we see in this major land-grant university.”

A fortnight ago, the National Association of Scholars‘ Peter Wood in his “Virginia Tech Follies, Synergy Edition” explained – –

The Virginia Tech faculty as a whole appears to have little concern, and so far there has been no great outcry from Virginia taxpayers. I suspect President Steger is confident that he can ride this out and get his way. And I suspect he is right. Virginia Tech wasn’t exactly the most ambitious institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth, and if it is determined to sink a little lower, no one is going to stop it. Granting all this, I’m inclined to keep up the criticism. It serves two good purposes.  First, it is a way of illuminating the broader phenomenon of the politicization of public universities. Many of them across the country play a double game of embracing radical ideologies on campus but portraying themselves to parents, taxpayers, and legislators as middle-of-the-road, commonsense stewards of the public trust.  The Virginia Tech case originally surfaced at the end of March as an instance in which a radical faction on campus overplayed its hand. A memo and a bunch of supporting documents that were never meant to be seen by the public revealed that the University intended to force faculty members to adopt a favored political position on pain of losing their jobs if they resisted. It was an unsupportable position, and President Steger ostensibly and publicly backed away from it. As soon as the dust settled, however, he was back with reassurances to the diversity radicals that he was fully committed to their agenda.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Virginia Tech is a taxpayer-supported institution with around 30,000 students.  The good Mr. McDonnell has ambitious plans for growing Virginia higher-education.

Let us hope he and his running mates take a hard look at what is going on inside the halls–or is it walls–of ivy.

K-12 Indoctrination for Virginia’s Children

We thank Norman Leahy at Tertium Quids for pointing readers to the Schilling Show Blog of May 31st which reports “Sarah Palin mocked, ‘globalist’ indoctrination promoted in Albemarle County middle school classroom” – –

“Over the years, we have received numerous complaints about liberal Charlottesville City and Albemarle County teachers indoctrinating captive government school students in violation of the respective divisions’ policies.

However, as students and their parents with minority political viewpoints are fearful of classroom and administrative retribution for reporting such infractions, hard evidence has been hard to come by.”

Our sense is that any such indoctrination is hardly limited to one county in Virginia. In Maryland, a state lawmaker recently complained to us that his children come home from school full of global-warming alarmism.

Our sense is also that many who teach along these lines are conscientious and believe, in good faith, that they are doing the right thing and that they are instilling common-sense truths. School textbooks likely reinforce this belief. This is how far our once robust culture of freedom and traditional values has declined.

Here’s what is unacceptable. Politicians claiming to be conservative who won’t pay attention to indoctrination in Virginia taxpayer-supported education. Politicians sailing under the conservative flag who won’t pay attention to the below-the-radar, but developing plans of the administrative state to manage the most basic aspects of our lives. 

Republican candidates may believe they will have a simpler marketing job if they stick to slogans like jobs and energy and holding down college tuition.  But unless we act to prevent it, we could soon find that emerging generations of voters don’t grasp and may even be hostile to the conservative principles we espouse. 

Even a New Virginia Republican Majority but one of politically correct governmentalists is a scary prospect.

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