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2010 Election &Conservatives &Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 23 Jun 2009 08:34 pm

Tea Party Topics: Florida’s Marco Rubio vs. Beltway GOP

The Beltway GOP — through the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC)  — continues to try to muscle the still distant (August 24, 2010) Florida Republican primary for U.S. Senator by supporting outgoing governor Charlie Crist against conservative Republican candidate Marco Rubio.

It’s just another example of the NRSC interfering where it should not — and to the detriment of conservatives.

Former Florida House speaker Rubio now has endorsements from U.S. senator Jim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, and the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Jonathan Martin in Politico yesterday * reported that the “GOP establishment thinks Crist is a sure thing.”

“The $10K per-person host list of Gov. Charlie Crist’s NRSC fundraiser tonight illuminates just how much the Republican establishment believes the Florida Senate primary next year is a lock.

This who’s who of GOP lobbyists wouldn’t lend their names to such an event if they didn’t think Crist would be the nominee.

The only upside for Marco Rubio, Crist’s Republican opponent and the former state House Speaker: If he was having any trouble formulating a message about party big-shots in Washington trying to determine what is best for Florida Republicans, that task just got easier.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

The image of the fundraiser sponsors in Politico says volumes about the growing gulf between the Beltway GOP and the conservative base.

Readers may wish to “google” the lobbyist names in the invitation. Many of the lobbyists and the four Republican senator sponsors likely also share common views of government, business, and society. 

Fighting the Obama Revolution hard, right-sizing government, removing burdens on enterprise and competition, and strengthening our culture and our freedoms, are some of our priorities. 

But are our priorities the kind foremost in the minds of these sponsors?

Readers will recall our earlier comments here about the NRSC’s  ill-advised endorsement of governor Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate  —

   “Mark Tapscott makes a key point –

 The fact that just doesn’t register with Washington GOP establishmentarians is that the Tea Party Protests seen around the country in April were aimed as much against them as they were against the tax and spending policies of Obama and the Democratic Congress.'” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

From very recent observations around Washington, we certainly agree. And just last April 15, the National Republican Senatorial Committee support for senator Arlen Specter became one of the grievances raised at the Reston, Virginia Tea Party.”

Dan McLaughlin at RedState explained that “Charlie Crist Picks A Fight Republicans Don’t Need: Apparently Lincoln Chaffee Was Busy” here – –

“Finally, to be blunt, Crist is wrong on the biggest issue of the day: whether Republicans should oppose President Obama’s plans to massively increase government spending and government control of health care, banking, energy, the auto industry, and indeed virtually every aspect of the U.S. economy. His embrace of the wasteful $787 billion stimulus package is the first step in a political Jim Jones act, by which Republicans abandon the clear distinctions that give voters any reason to choose Republicans over Democrats. It’s one thing for Crist to be a moderate back home in Florida, where he has to work in a coalition with other Republicans, but it’s entirely another to send him to Washington on a platform of joining the Democratic coalition on one issue after another. The party simply can’t survive if it’s identified with Obama’s agenda, and why would such an opposition party appeal to anybody?” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Out of exasperation, Erick Erickson RedState’s editor-in-chief declared in April  —

“So I am bypassing the NRSC. Instead, I choose to give to the National Conservative Campaign Fund.”
. . . . .
“You can learn more at the NCCF’s website. I’ve also started a Facebook group to support the organization.”

A topic for Tea Parties: keep the Beltway GOP out of primaries!

* Hat-tip to egopnews.com which aggregates a staggering variety of relevant posts daily.  Conservative activists should find eyeballing the site a daily necessity.

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