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Common Defense &Culture wars &Fiscal Policy Richard Falknor on 27 Jul 2009 10:33 pm

Shorter Takes: Obamacare; Useful Idiots; Saudi’s in Fairfax

More Liberty Costs of Obamacare:  House sources indicated to us today that patients would likely not be allowed to purchase a provider’s services privately and outside of any “approved” insurance scheme. Even though such a private-pay provision had reportedly been accepted by Education and Labor Committee chairman George Miller, such relief will likely not survive in the final, manager’s version.  Nor will there likely be a provision allowing a provider who had objections to abortion to refuse to perform such services for a procedure the provider found morally objectionable.

Useful [Republican] Idiots: NRO’s Jim Geraghty here points us today to the Social Security Institute’s warning here
“Opponents of ObamaCare should be turning all their resources on key Senate Republicans to convince them to stop negotiating and playing the useful idiot.  ObamaCare is on the ropes.  It would be a huge irony and great tragedy if Senate Republicans gave it second life by encouraging House Democrats that a bi-partisan bill negotiated in the Senate will come to their rescue in the House.” Last Friday, RedState’s Erick Erickson declared “Lamar Alexander Plays Lapdog to Barbara Boxer and Endorses Government Mandated, Tax-Payer Funded Abortion.”  Read Erickson’s take here on this member of the Senate Republican leadership he terms “a serial capitulator.”

Will Fairfax Supervisors Vote Next Monday Afternoon on the Expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA)? Apparently, according to the Board’s website here. For background on this further extension of the Saudi government into northern Virginia, see our posts here (Daniel Pipes on “Saudi strong-arm tactics . . .”) and here (“Our Friends the Saudis and their Fairfax Academy”). And here is the (lengthy) Channel 16 video of the entire Fairfax supervisors’ July 13 hearing. But don’t miss Center for Security Policy chief Frank Gaffney’s You Tube here on that lamentable expansion proposal.  Jerry Gordon has two revealing pieces in the New English Review here, and here (“Behind the Veil at the Islamic Saudi Academy”). Columnist David Stokes wrote here:  “As the pastor of a church in Fairfax County, and having for many of those years managed a private Christian school in the area, I can speak first-hand about how difficult it usually is to navigate the processes of county government here on behalf of a religious institution. But in the case of ISA, there appears to be an almost fawning and subservient approach on the part of many county leaders. Perhaps they are afraid of being politically incorrect. Perhaps they are just afraid. Most likely, however – they are simply naïve.”(Underscoring Forum’s.) All conservatives in our region should be watching breaking ISA developments and related news closely.


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