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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 09 Oct 2009 04:58 pm

Even more reasons not to give money to the Beltway GOP?

UPDATE OCTOBER 13! Hugh Hewitt asks today in his Examiner piece “Will 2010 voters recall cloture vote? Not if GOP can help it ” – – –“Turning the Saturday mic over to LeMieux [click here for LeMieux Text]is just the latest evidence the GOP national leadership doesn’t understand the seriousness of the vote ahead and the urgent necessity of conveying to the public that the Senate’s cloture vote — the vote on whether to end debate, which requires 60 ayes to pass — is everything in this struggle to preserve American medicine. They don’t get the first thing about how to encourage the public, which is already against Obamacare, to communicate that opposition effectively.’No’ votes on the final bill or various amendments or at any other time except on the cloture motion won’t tell you anything about that senator’s decision on Obamacare. His or her vote on cloture will tell you everything.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Even more reasons not to give money to the Beltway GOP?

“Party Before Principle: Rep. Jeb Hensarling has just announced that he is backing the liberal, Kos-endorsed Republican Dede Scozzafava in a special election for a New York congressional seat, over the Conservative Party nominee. Hensarling says, ‘I am supporting Dede Scozzafava in her campaign for Congress. I am backing the only Republican in this race who can win and don’t want to lose this seat to Nancy Pelosi for a generation’ (emphasis added)– – Ramesh Ponnuru

Erick Erickson in this morning’s RedState “Scozzafava v. Hoffman” reports – –

“The National Republican Congressional Committee feels so threatened by Republican Doug Hoffman’s campaign, which the NRCC says is going no where, that they have taken to running attack ads against Hoffman. Their accusation? Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is. (Emphasis Forum’s.)


Okay. For sake of argument, let’s say Hoffman is not as conservative as he claims. That still puts him to the right [emphasis in original] of the GOP’s establishment picked nominee.

Remember, Hoffman tried to get the GOP nomination, but local party bosses chose Scozzafava instead. The actual Republican voters had no say in the matter.

Now, let’s examine the two candidates and their positions. It seems the NRCC would rather talk about how Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is instead of trying to claim Dede Scozzafava is anything other than an ACORN endorsed leftist.

Scozzafava :

  • Supports the Obama stimulus
  • Supports card check
  • Supports Cash for Clunkers
  • Supports Davis Bacon
  • Refuses to sign no tax pledge
  • Refuses to sign no pork pledge
  • Voted to force all NY state employees to pay union dues
  • Voted for higher taxes 190 times
  • Voted for a bank bailout
  • Has not demonstrated any support for school choice”

Read RedState chief Erickson’s entire post here.

Here is Doug Hoffman’s website. Here is Hoffman’s Fred Thompson Show interview. (H/T RedState commenters.) Here is the Club for Growth’s endorsement of Hoffman.

Here is a map of the contested New York 23rd Congressional District, and here is Dierdre “Dede” Scozzafava’s  website.

And for some historical perspective on the race, see John Gizzi’s “New York Trading Down” here.

The American Spectator’s Prowler in “Losing It Over Scozzafava” reported here yesterday – –

“National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) lashed out at conservative Republican colleagues during a meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday when asked why the NRCC chose to back liberal, ACORN supported candidate Dede Scozzafava, in the upcoming special election to succeed Rep. John McHugh in New York’s 23rd Congressional District

Sessions was called out by conservative members of the caucus, and challenged when asked why NRCC resources — cash and personnel — were being used for Scozzafava. ‘We have a conservative running in this race, and the Republican Party is not with him,’ says a conservative House member who attended the meeting. ‘There are a number of us who are profoundly embarrassed by this race, and while we don’t blame Pete, we do blame the NRCC staff for apparently not doing its job.’

Sessions, according to sources, angrily responded to the criticism, though not directly defending Scozzafava. According to NRCC staff, Scozzafava was viewed as the ‘most cooperative’ candidate of a group put forward by local Republican Party bosses in the 23rd District. ‘She wasn’t going to be a loose cannon and the money was happy with her,‘ says one NRCC source, saying that ‘money’ referred to a pool of high-dollar donors with ties to former New York Governor George Pataki.(Emphasis Forum’s.)

Also yesterday, Politico’s Alex Isenstadt and Josh Kraushaar in their “GOP pick sparks revolt on right” here revealed – –

“Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long distributed a memo Wednesday calling for a moratorium on donations to the NRCC ‘until that organization ceases support for Assemblywoman Scozzafava and clarifies its plans for candidate recruitment and support going forward.’

‘The NRCC’s support for liberal Assemblywoman Scozzafava is a disturbing indication that the NRCC is test-marketing a campaign message blurring the differences between the parties instead of principled opposition to the liberal Democrats’ agenda,’ read the memo, which circulated among conservative activists in Washington. ‘The ‘me-too’ approach is both sure to fail politically and deeply dishonest to the NRCC’s core financial supporters. The donors who sacrifice to write checks to the NRCC don’t expect their efforts to be diverted to liberals like Assemblywoman Scozzafava.'” (Emphasis Forum’s.)

A few lines from New York Conservative Party chief Mike Long’s letter here of August 13 to Representative Pete Sessions gives us a perspective which is doubtless shared by many conservatives around the nation – –

“Back when the national Republican Party actually stood for the principles of Ronald Reagan the NRRC’s records will show that I was a major contributor to your organization. Since those principled days, I have trashed numerous fundraising letters from your organization. Judging from my friends and associates, I am not alone. We did not abandon the Republican Party it has abandoned us.”

(Long also wrote here Republican National Committee head Michael Steele on September 21.)

RedState’s Erickson counsels – –

“Call Pete Sessions and tell him shame on him for supporting an ACORN backed candidate in NY-23. His number is (202) 225-2231. And don’t let his staff tell you it is an NRCC matter. This is a Pete Sessions matter.”

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