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2010 Election &Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 20 Nov 2009 04:05 pm

Illegals:Amnesty Voices Sing On|MD’s Lollar On the Burden

The exigent struggle against Obamacare (which is about taking our personal freedom under the pretext of ‘improving’ the health-care system) has understandably overshadowed other perils, including the current burdens illegals put on states and the continuing push for amnesty.

Is Amnesty ‘Always a Year Away’?

In National Review on Line (NRO) last Monday, Mark Krikorian explained in “Passing the Buck”- –

“I think most analysts have misunderstood Janet Napolitano’s immigration speech Friday at the Center for American Progress.”

 . . . . .

“But J-Nap made clear that the ball was in Congress’s court: ‘When Congress is ready to act, we will be ready to support them,’ ‘This is why key members of Congress are taking steps toward legislation that will create an immigration system that works,’ ‘If we are truly going to fix a broken system, Congress will have to act,’ ‘we need Congress to create the legal foundation for bringing the millions of illegal immigrants in this country out of the shadows.’ But with unemployment over 10 percent, among other reasons, Congress isn’t going to do any of this, so the White House is giving itself plausible deniability.

String along La Raza, prepare to blame Congress for failure, and make sure it’s all reported in the least-read newspaper of the week. As my colleague Jon Feere writes, ‘Amnesty is a year away, and always will be.’

The Chambers of Commerce

The invaluable blog of the Center for Immigration Studies brings us Ronald W. Mortensen’s asking “Whose Side Are Chambers of Commerce On?” here.

Investigator Mortensen reveals – –

“The Chambers support the amnesty components of comprehensive immigration reform that give illegal aliens and their employers total forgiveness from serious crimes including identity theft, failure to pay payroll taxes, and knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

The Chambers willingly sacrifice millions of American citizens who have their identities being used by illegal aliens to get jobs. The Chambers couldn’t care less if American citizens have their credit ruined, are saddled with arrest records, denied unemployment insurance, have their medical records compromised with life-threatening consequences, and are pursued by the IRS for income earned by illegal aliens using their Social Security numbers as long as their members can profit from illegal-alien labor.”

Read Mortensen’s entire indictment here.

Charles Lollar on Illegals.

Last Sunday we asked Charles Lollar, who is running against House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, for his take on illegal immigration. Here is the NumbersUSA immigration report card on the Maryland delegation, and here is the NumbersUSA immigration report card on the Virginia delegation.

Our questions, and Free State fiscal reformer Lollar’s replies follow – –

  • What is your view of the spending burden illegals place on the taxpayer? The Heritage Foundation and the Center for Immigration Studies have contended here and here that illegal immigration — and proposed amnesties  — have grave fiscal consequences.

Lollar: “View on Spending Burden: The burden is unbearable and unacceptable.  Latest figures show that we are spending billions in healthcare, education, welfare programs and our prison and jail system.  We must make our immigration system a top priority and completely secure our borders!”

Lollar: Oppose CAT: I completely oppose any form of amnesty – we did this in the 80s for specified labor categories and that was questionable in my opinion.  The only way is for success here is by following our Constitution and legal rules that continue to reign in our country.”

Lollar: “CLEAR – I would support any legislation that calls for a fair and legal means of ensuring only legal immigration which includes removing all who are not participating legally in our country.”

  • As a future member of the House of Representatives, would you co-sponsor and vote for legislation in the next Congress paralleling the National Language Act of 2009 “to declare English as the official language of the Government of the United States . . . . ” ?

Lollar: “NLA of 2009 – I will whole heartedly sponsor and support legislation that calls for the official language of english in our nation.”

Lollar: “Frederick Co Example – This example should be seen as a benchmark for Maryland counties and states across our nation.  Although opponents feel this is profiling, I completely disagree!  The FC model simply checks those who have been arrested for illegal activity and those arresting such individuals are trained by the ICT to conduct these checks of legality.”

Whether or not amnesty comes before either or both chambers of the Congress for a vote in the near term, Maryland and Virginia authorities and citizens will have their hands full in dealing with illegals and the fiscal, societal, and civic costs they engender on the state and local level.

Here is a menu of possible state and local responses to illegal immigration which homeland-security expert Matt Meyer put together in his testimony to the Texas legislature – –

“Critically, state and local government action should be aimed at ‘remov[ing] or reduc[ing] the economic incentives for unlawful presence.'”

Ask statewide office holders, legislators, and candidates sailing under the conservative flag what specific state and local actions they would urge to “remove or reduce the economic incentives for unlawful presence.”  Maryland has a former governor who may well run for that office again in 2010; Virginia has a newly elected team of governor and attorney general. All Maryland and Virginia conservative candidates and incumbents should be on the record here.  


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