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2012 Election Richard Falknor on 27 Feb 2012 03:01 pm

Illegals: Has Your Favorite Primary Candidate Taken A Stand?

Most conservatives want to know exactly how candidates (incumbents and challengers) for the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate stand on key immigration issues.

Fortunately NumbersUSA keeps current  “Candidate Immigration Comparisons.”

Readers may click here for Maryland and here for Virginia.  Here is the national candidate comparison.  If your incumbent is not on the state candidate comparison list, you may go here to find his or her immigration record.

NumbersUSA has listed many key immigration issues. But NumbersUSA chief Roy Beck in his “Top 10 in U. S. House on reducing immigration in 2011” has a take-no-prisoners review here of what he sees as the House GOP leadership’s failure to protect American jobs from illegal aliens.

Obviously some candidates sailing under the conservative flag have not responded to the NumbersUSA questionnaire.  Others apparently have answered only some questions.

Since Maryland has become a “sanctuary state” for illegals,  readers may want to urge their favorite House and Senate primary candidates to say, on the record, how they will respond to this catastrophe.

Incumbent U.S. Representatives Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland Sixth District) and Bob Goodlatte (Virginia Sixth District) have earned NumbersUSA rankings of “True Reformer.” (Go here for ratings of all incumbent members of the Congress.)

Among Maryland challengers, Democrat Chris Garner (U. S. Senate primary), Republican Joseph T. Krysztoforski (Sixth District primary), and Republican Ken Timmerman (Eighth District primary), have also received NumbersUSA rankings of  “True Reformer.”

GOP primary challengers would do well to bear in mind that the fiscal, public-safety, and assimilation challenges of illegal immigration are a major concern of the grass roots.  Challengers will likely find that the conservative base will want to have a much different conversation about immigration than one they may hear from the amnesty-inclined Chamber of Commerce.

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