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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 04 Mar 2012 08:26 pm

Major Muslim Center Gets Approval for Fauquier County VA Branch

Fauquier County’s Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Thursday approved a special permit request to allow the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) “to locate a place of worship in Warrenton, Virginia.”

Click here (scroll down in foregoing link) for details on the special permit request. FauquierNow has a report on the BZA hearing and action.

Permit applicant Khalid Iqbal, now of ADAMS was, according to a Mapping Sharia press release cited in Jihad Watch (click here and scroll down to “About CAIR:“), formerly an officer of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Click here for more on CAIR.

Support for the Fauquier Permit from Out-of-Area Politicians.

Last Wednesday, delegate Tag Greason wrote two emails of support for the application. Mr. Greason told a Fauquier supervisor  —

“I have known the ADAMS community in my District for many years, and have attended many of their functions and activities, as well as their prayer services, to meet and greet their members.”

Then, a few minutes later, Mr. Greason hastened to email once more:

“I failed to mention that Robert Marro, a member of the ADAMS leadership, is the brother of Fauquier County resident, Donald Marro.”

And who is Mr. Greason’s friend, Robert Marro? Readers may consider Mr. Marro’s jubilant comments here (from Ryan Mauro on PJMedia) when GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain visited the ADAMS center in July of 2010 as a penitent for his own comments.

Mr. Donald Marro here is, on the other hand, a sometime independent candidate for the Virginia state senate.

Also on Wednesday, delegate Tom Rust emailed in support of the permit, and, not unexpectedly, so did delegate David Ramadan.

Mr. Ramadan declared in his email —

“I was informed that the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) branch in Greater Gainesville area has applied for a permit to rent a facility located at 6557 Commerce Court, Warrenton, for its Friday prayer services and other activities related to their required prayers and other community activities. I have known ADAMS for years in Loudoun County. I have monitored their political and social involvements; they continuously welcomed candidates to office -including state wide candidates such as Governor McDonnell and AG Cuccinelli- to visit and established relationships with them.”

As we have written here (scroll down in foregoing link), delegate Greason, as well as governor Bob McDonnell, have enjoyed Mr. Ramadan’s wide generosity with campaign assistance. Some of this campaign support moves back and forth between candidates, or between major candidates and the RPV: but this a topic for another time. The point is that the politically talented Mr. Ramadan appears to be building his own informal support network among Virginia GOP politicians.

Mr. Rust pointed out in his email —

“I was the Mayor of Herndon when ADAMS established their first Mosque within the Town.  I welcomed them and assisted them with the various permit processes in order for them to open their Mosque.  They prospered, grew and built a larger Mosque immediately adjacent to my legislative district in Loudoun County where they are currently located.”

In campaign contributions, delegate Tom Rust received $1,000 from Sterling Management in 2011; $1,000 from Mena Investments in 2009; $1,000 from Mar-Jac Investments in 2001.

These firms were part of the Federal investigation of the Safa Group’s universe (scroll in foregoing link to p. 2 and to the table on p. 42) according to a March 2002 application for a U.S search warrant. (Daniel Pipes gives us an extensive discussion of this investigation and the unsuccessful legal pushback from some of its subjects here.)

What is the Role of the ADAMS Center in Political Islam?

Here is Ben Johnson’s FrontPageMagazine post of June 11, 2004 “A Troubling Presence at a Funeral” pointing to affiliations between the ADAMS Center and those named in the search warrant.

Here is the “Attachment D Safa Group: Officers and Directors & Their Related Businesses and Organizations” to the 2002 U. S. search warrant.

A quick search for “All Dulles” will be illuminating.

One example from page 9:

“All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) – A member of the Safa Group that transferred large amounts of money to other members of the Safa Group.” (Example added after our initial posting.)

Today ADAMS is certainly at the center of the Muslim Establishment in the U. S.

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) reported just last Sunday “Obama Official Visits Virginia Mosque to Apologize for Koran Burning.”

Americans Are Now Paying Attention to Political Islam in Action – – from Dearborn to Pennsylvania to Europe.

Growing concerns about the expansion of Shariah in northern Virginia (and elsewhere) will undoubtedly underscore any public concern about this ADAMS Center expansion.

Plainly put, citizen reservations are not arising from concerns about matters of faith as traditionally understood in today’s America, but about what many see as the growth of Political IslamShariah — threatening American liberties.

One question jumps out: are Fauquier County zoning applications from religious bodies typically accompanied by endorsements from politicians? And, as in this case, by politicians apart from those elected by Fauquier County?

On the other hand, not all Muslims in America are Political Islamists. Former Federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy wrote (NRO) last Wednesday in his “Salute to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelley”

“And because we’re always asking why the only Muslims we ever seem to hear from are the Islamists, it’s worth noting, as Dave does, that next Monday at NYPD headquarters, Zuhdi Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy and the American Islamic Leadership Coalition will head up a demonstration in support of Ray, and of Rep. Pete King (who has pursued investigations of Islamic radicalism despite an aggressive Islamist campaign). Details on that here.

Readers and voters should seek as much information as possible to make a sound judgment about this BZA approval. They should weigh whatever consequences may likely follow for Fauquier County and nearby communities.

A source at the BZA hearing told the Forum “over half the room spoke against the permit.”

Stay tuned.

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