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Conservatives &Politics Richard Falknor on 23 Feb 2010 11:25 pm

Flash Points: Beck; EPA; Hawaii; Obamacare; ABL

  • MARK LEVIN TO GLENN BECK: ‘STOP DIVIDING US’ ” Video via NRO: “Right now [the Republicans] are holding the fort and they deserve reinforcements.” For post-CPAC perspective on Beck, see C. Edmund Wright’s “American Thinker” articles here and here.
  • FEDERAL REGULATION OF GREENHOUSE-GAS EMISSIONS: “At an EPW [Senate Environment and Public Works Committee] hearing that began at 10, Senator Inhofe has just released this report and called on EPA to reconsider its endangerment finding on the basis that EPA relied on IPCC reports, which have now been revealed to be full of faulty science.” – – Myron Ebell from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Background here.
  • NATIVE HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT REORGANIZATION ACTAloha Segregation A bill expected to pass the House today with overwhelming Democratic support would accomplish something peculiar for a liberal republic in the 21st century: It would partly disenfranchise a portion of one state’s residents, create a parallel government for those meeting a legislated criterion of ethnic purity, and would portend the transfer of public assets, land, and political power from those who fail to satisfy the standard of ethnic purity to those who do. For these reasons and many more, the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act richly deserves opposition.” – –NRO Editors. Background here and here. See House vote tonight [February 23]  here.
  • OBAMACARE REVIVED:  “PRELIMINARY POINT #1:  OBAMACARE CANNOT BE PASSED THROUGH RECONCILIATION.”- – Mike Hammond a former general counsel to the Senate Republican Steering Committee, summarizes the most recent Obama health care proposal. And here is theRSC Policy Brief: President Obama’s Proposal – Still a Government Takeover of Health Care.”
  • AIRBORNE LASER: James Carafano declares in the Washington Examiner  “dumping airborne laser leaves America vulnerable,” explaining “At 8:44 p.m. PST Feb. 11, 2010 … for just a second … man made night into day. A short-range ballistic missile launched from a sea-based platform off California’s Point Mugu Naval Air Warfare Center. Moments later, the Airborne Laser carried aloft in a specially modified 747 detected it.Then it cranked up the high-energy laser. That beam struck home, burning a small hole in the missile. A split-second later, its structural integrity destroyed, the missile vaporized in a tumbling corkscrew.” Comments Cliff May who pointed us to the James Carafano post – – “An ABL could help neutralize the threat of ‘scud in a bucket,’ which, Jim says, in many ways is ‘the ultimate weapon.”‘

The senior policy-makers in the Obama Administration seek to take advantage of their long-awaited opportunity to carry out a domestic statist as well as an America-disarming agenda.  Last weekend’s CPAC, on the other hand, had some uplifting moments and offered an opportunity to working-level conservatives from around the nation to meet and compare notes.  But conservatives will have to learn to understand policy fine print and how to work the gears of government if they are to slow the Obama Agenda. Today’s danger is so great that we will have to master these details of government not only until November 2012, but for quite some time afterwards.  We all saw what happened while too many of us took a passive role after the Gingrich and Bush victories of 1994 and 2000 respectively. In short, the buck stops with each of us – – however attractive emerging Republican politicians may appear.


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