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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 09 Mar 2010 09:33 pm

Controversial Imam To Open VA General Assembly Session

“One of the most influential conservatives in America this weekend gave a sneak peek at a soon-to-be-published book he has written calling for a ‘New Republican Party.’  The author underscored that for the sort of improved GOP we need, ‘national security must be Job #1.” (Emphasis Forum’s.)  – – Frank Gaffney

In a March 5, 2010 letter, the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force chairman James Lafferty asked Virgina delegates – –

“to withdraw the invitation to Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia to open the Thursday, March 11 session with a prayer.”

Lafferty declared – –

“Abdul-Malik was often cited as the spokesman for the Dar Al Hijrah mosque and he used his position there to defend numerous convicted terrorists and question the judicial system in the United States.”

Read activist Lafferty’s entire letter here.

Added Pamela Geller of “Atlas Shrugs” – –

“My friend and colleague, the intrepid James Lafferty, is taking bold action against this pathetically clueless and dangerous act by the Virginia General Assembly.

This incompetence is striking, and our lawmakers must be held to account. It is their job to know. We should sanction, not submit to, our would-be executioners.”

Last month Frank Gaffney in “Big Government” here spelled out what he saw as the recent history of the mosque – –

“Dar Al-Hijrah has been staffed by a series of Imams who  radicalize their members – the members don’t ‘self-radicalize,’ as Major Hasan was said to do in the negligent report on the Fort Hood Shooting put out by the Pentagon.  The U.S. intelligence community missed the warning signals from Dar Al-Hijrah’s earlier Imam Anwar al-Awlaki; they should heed the warning signals from the current Imam, Shaker Elsayed.”

Islamists in Fairfax County?

Investigators David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry cited an alarming comment in January 2009 –

“’There’s only three degrees of separation between international terrorism and what happens in Fairfax County,’ observes a senior Fairfax County [Virginia] Police Department detective. ‘Our society here is totally infiltrated by the bad guys.'”  – – Paul Sperry interview January 16, 2009 in Muslim Mafia.

If national security is to be “Job #1” for Republicans, then they need to pay more attention to it at home. As threat-analyst Stephen Coughlin says,

“You think we are fighting a war over there.

I think we are fighting a war right here.”

Readers may wish to revisit the lamentable tales of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and their 2008 support for extending the lease of the Islamic Saudi Academy here and here and here.

Both Fairfax County’s incumbent Representative in Congress, Democrat Gerry Connolly, the former chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and a Republican member of the Board of Supervisors, Pat Herrity, now a candidate for the House of Representatives, supported the 2008 extension of the Islamic Saudi Academy lease in spite of strong warnings to the contrary. 

What politicians supported and now support the Islamic Saudi Academy should be one of the central issues in the 11th Congressional District primary and general elections this year.

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