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Team Obama Richard Falknor on 09 Mar 2010 07:52 pm

The ‘Politicized’ Justice Department Civil Rights Division

Former Federal Elections Commissioner Hans A. von Spakovsky tells us all about “the people behind the Department of Justice’s politicization” in his “Radicalizing Civil Rights” post today in National Review on Line (NRO) – – including, we might add, Marylander and Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez.

(Alert Maryland conservatives will want to ask the Republican leader in the Maryland House of Delegates, Anthony O’Donnell, why he supported here and here Mr. Perez’s confirmation by the U.S. Senate, and did so on House of Delegates letterhead suggesting he was speaking for the Republican caucus.)

Reveals Heritage Senior Legal Fellow von Spakovsky – –

“If you want to understand how the Civil Rights Division is being run in the Obama administration, imagine for just a moment what would happen if the most radical, ideologically left-wing advocacy organizations in Washington took control of it. Because that’s exactly what happened.

So who are the players who are responsible for all of this?

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Perez is a longtime Democratic activist and a former staffer to the late senator Ted Kennedy. When Perez was running for a seat on the Montgomery County Council in Maryland, he was asked what was the most important thing voters should know about him. His response: ‘I am a progressive Democrat and always was and always will be.’ Once elected, the hyper-partisan Perez made no effort to hide his contempt for Republicans. He once gave a speech claiming that conservative Republicans do not care about the poor. An article in the Washington Post (April 3, 2005) characterized Perez as ‘about as liberal as Democrats get.'”

Perez also served as president of Casa de Maryland, an extreme advocacy organization that opposes the enforcement of our immigration laws. This group has encouraged illegal aliens not to speak with police officers or immigration agents; it has fought restrictions on illegal aliens’ receiving driver’s licenses; it has urged the Montgomery County Police Department not to enforce federal fugitive warrants; it has advocated giving illegal aliens in-state tuition; and it has actively promulgated ‘day labor’ sites, where illegal aliens and disreputable employers openly skirt federal prohibitions on hiring undocumented individuals.”

Please review von Spakovsky’s brief biographies of the entire cabal of attorneys who can affect our voting and other rights here.

In our view, we conservatives should take his appraisal of the Civil Rights Division straight to heart – –

“The overwhelming majority of the individuals who populate the Civil Rights Division have always felt that because they are pursuing a virtuous mission, they are infallible and somehow have license to contravene the law, skirt ethical lines, and participate in acts of deception. Until recently, these leftists were able to act with impunity, and even today, the mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye until the Division’s misconduct becomes so glaring (think New Black Panther Party) that it simply can no longer be realistically ignored. Hopefully, however, those days are beginning to end. Abuses need to be exposed and individuals need to be called to account. And we will all be the better for it.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

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