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First things . . . &Team Obama Richard Falknor on 19 Mar 2010 06:04 pm

Obamacare “Converts”: Going to Their Home Ground

SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE UPDATES! “I hope pro-lifers understand the special importance of defeating the ex-pro-lifers who will have voted for the bill.” — Ramesh Ponnuru

Just because formerly fence-straddling Democratic members of the U S House of Representatives hold press conferences announcing that they will now support Obamacare, none of us should allow their announced “decisions” to close their case.

Readers can follow the Code Red target list to track real-time developments – –

NRCC – Code Red Targets:
House members to call NOW to stop ObamaCare.

These errant “converts” also live in their districts and have to face their local community leaders and neighbors in gatherings ranging from golf courses to parish halls.

The Speaker’s “muscle” may seem ten feet tall to these members right now on Capitol Hill.  But that menace may well be counterbalanced when local neighbors and professional colleagues back home get in touch with them before the vote possibly after seven PM this Sunday evening.

(And don’t overlook those Democrats who have committed to vote “no” on Obamacare. If the Speaker or the president tells them the Obama administration will fail unless Obamacare passes, these Democrats will need a lot of encouragement from back home right now to stand fast.)

Many of us know conservative activists, or have friends and relatives in Congressional districts around the country.

This evening and tomorrow morning is the time to telephone our own networks and encourage them to get in touch with those who are close to these members who have lost their way.

These members may believe that by formally announcing their decision either to submit to the Speaker and the White House, or by listing some unreal conditions“Perriello Wants Assurance on Reconciliation Bill from 51 Senators(link added) that would justify a “yes” vote, they have finally taken the heat off themselves.

We should encourage their local friends and neighbors to show them that the heat is just beginning.

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UPDATES! “The National Right to Life Committee just put out a release explaining that an executive order cannot fix the abortion related problems in the health care bill.” – – John McCormack

Maryland’s Finest: Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D.,Md.,fresh out of Speaker Pelosi’s office, told reporters that he’s rather speak with ‘this mob [the press] than that mob [the protesters]’ as he made his way out — avoiding the steps leading to the growing tea-party rally.” – – Robert Costa

This article has been edited from the time of its original posting as the situation developed.

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