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Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 28 Mar 2012 04:55 pm

Updated!MD GOP Senate Primary: Getting Specific on Immigration!

UPDATE JUST AFTER PRESS TIME WEDNESDAY EVENING! Dan Bongino calls, and his campaign manager Jim Gibbons emails – –  “Amnesty: Dan does not support amnesty of any form for those who violate our laws. E-Verify: Dan strongly supports mandatory nationwide implementation of E-Verify. DREAM Act: Dan signed the repeal petition and does not support subsidizing illegal behavior.” We are delighted to get both Maryland GOP Senate candidates’ specific positions on these key issues!

In next Tuesday’s Maryland primary election, Daniel Bongino and Richard Douglas are the principal contenders for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination to run against long-time Congressional incumbent and now senator Ben Cardin.

In campaign contributions with over $188,000 collected with about $179,000 from 182 individual contributions, Mr. Bongino leads Mr. Douglas. Former submariner Douglas has collected about $132,000, with over $26,000 from 22 individual contributions.

In Democrat campaign contributions, senator Ben Cardin has collected about $3.8 million of which $2.3 million are from 2,366 individual contributions.

Cook’s Political Report (go to “dashboard” then “senate” and move across the bar to “8” in foregoing link) rates the Cardin Senate race as “Solid D” meaning solid Democrat.

Of course the GOP Senate nominee may triumph over these apparently daunting odds.  In any event, whoever of the two GOP contenders is the party’s nominee will likely run a hard-fought and visible general election campaign helping set the future tone of the Maryland Republican Party.

Mr. Douglas is airing ads attacking senator Cardin’s record, and Mr. Bongino by virtue of his previous life as a member of the Secret Service has become something of a celebrity.

All of which is why the respective positions of these two candidates on immigration are so important in a “sanctuary state” for illegals like Maryland.

Moreover last year an historic combination of Republicans, independents, and Democrats were able to petition SB167 — the so-called Maryland Dream Act — to referendum.

NumbersUSA keeps score nationally and on a non-partisan basis of the position of candidates on pending major immigration issues.

Here is their take right now on Maryland U.S. Senate candidates.

As we asked in our post of March 11 “Immigration: Where Do Our GOP Congressional Candidates Stand?”  —

“Will two leading Maryland Republican candidates for the United States Senate, Daniel Bongino and Richard Douglas, take a position on amnesty?

Click here, scroll right, look at both their responses to [NumbersUSA] question one (‘unknown’).

Will they take a position on mandatory e-verify? Click here, scroll right, look at both their responses to [NumbersUSA] question three (‘unknown’).”

Only three Maryland U.S. Senate candidates, two Democrats and one Republican, got the highest NumbersUSA score – “True Reformer.” But  none of the three are likely to get their respective party’s nomination.

We are focusing on two of the crucial twelve issues that NumbersUSA enumerates – opposing amnesty and supporting e-verify.  We added one of our own — supporting the repeal of the Maryland Dream Act next November in the general election.

Mr. Douglas emailed us his answers on March 12 —

“Amnesty:  I oppose alien amnesty, and am also opposed to amnesties which protect American citizens who hire unlawful entrants, patronize their unregulated businesses, or use illegal drugs smuggled into our country.  All, equally, are threats to US border security.

E-Verify:  Upon my return from Iraq deployment in 2007, I was obliged to stop, identify myself properly, and satisfy US Customs and Border Protection officers at a BWI Airport checkpoint that I was lawfully entitled to enter the United States.  I support E-Verify and other reasonable measures to preserve American jobs for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent resident aliens.  Such measures must be applied competently and sparingly in order to impose the lightest possible burden on Americans.

Maryland ‘Dream’ Act:  The people of Maryland have spoken, and this statute will be put to a vote on the November ballot.  Voting on important issues is fundamentally a good thing.  The Dream Act petition drive enjoyed wide bipartisan support because the majority of Marylanders cherish the rule of law.  Moreover, Maryland simply cannot afford to reduce income at a time when the state’s fiscal condition is critical.  The state budget has grown from $29 billion, the day Martin O’Malley took office, to $36 billion today.  There is no end to the tax increases under consideration in Annapolis, and no end to the O’Malley/Cardin crusade to create bigger and more costly government.  Finally, the Dream Act sent precisely the wrong message at an hour when our nation’s borders are less secure than ever.  It is proper that Marylanders will have their say about the Dream Act in November.  In fact, this ballot initiative is the essence of democracy.  It should be welcomed by all Marylanders on all sides of the issue.”

Yesterday morning we wrote Mr. Bongino’s press aide about these three issues —

Here is [the NumbersUSA] take right now on Maryland U.S. Senate candidates.

  • Does the foregoing link present an accurate picture today of Mr. Bongino’s positions on the twelve issues NumbersUSA enumerates? For example, Mr. Bongino is shown as apparently not responding to the ‘oppose amnesty’ question.
  • Does Mr. Bongino support or oppose the so-called Maryland Dream Act (SB167) which will be on next November’s ballot?
  • Does Mr. Bongino support or oppose the current e-verify proposal HB82 “State Government – E-Verify Program” in the Maryland House of Delegates?”

To date we have no response so we must conclude that Mr. Bongino’s current website position and current responses to NumbersUSA constitute his entire stance on immigration.

Mr. Bongino shows exceptional vigor and presence in his campaign, and Mr. Douglas brings a world of experience through his candidacy.

But GOP voters should press Mr. Bongino for specific immigration positions before next Tuesday’s primary – just as Mr. Douglas has given the voters. [See update at top of post!]

This is too important a national issue for smooth campaign talk, and too important for the many Marylanders opposed to the Dream Act.

For a more in-depth discussion of the underlying immigration issues,  see our  “Immigration: Where Do Our GOP Congressional Candidates Stand?”

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