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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 11 Apr 2012 11:43 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood Does The Obama White House

Andrew McCarthy here and here and Steve Emerson here and here spell out the details of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) visit from Egypt last week which gained that hostile organization $1.5 billion in American taxpayer dollars.

Former Federal prosecutor McCarthy revealed

“In October 2010, on the eve of the Islamic revolution that the media fancies as ‘the Arab Spring,’ the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood called for jihad against the United States.

You might think that this all but unnoticed bombshell would be of some importance to policymakers in Washington. It was not. It is not. This week, the Obama administration quietly released $1.5 billion in foreign aid to the new Egyptian government, now dominated by a Brotherhood-led coalition in parliament — soon to be joined by an Ikhwan (i.e., Brotherhood) luminary as president.

It is not easy to find the announcement. With the legacy media having joined the Obama reelection campaign, we must turn for such news to outlets like the Kuwait News Agency. There, we learn that, having dug our nation into a $16 trillion debt hole, President Obama has nevertheless decided to borrow more money from unfriendly powers like China so he can give it to an outfit that views the United States as an enemy to be destroyed.”

Last Monday Investigative Project on Terrorism chief Steve Emerson explained–

“They represent the new political power in Cairo, and given their performances in public events in Washington last week, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has the art of doublespeak nailed.

At two events, four FJP members spoke about dialogue and respect for the West, in comments often at odds with the party line in their home country. They sidestepped controversial issues and tailored their message of dialogue to exclude the party’s extreme positions during an appearance Wednesday at Georgetown University and Thursday at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

They stuck to that theme despite aggressive questions which came mostly from Egyptian secularists.

‘We are here to start building bridges with the United States,’ said Sondos Asem, the senior editor of the Brotherhood website Ikhwanweb.com and the editor of the group’s Twitter account. She spoke about the FJP’s embrace of ‘Freedom, Human Dignity, Justice, and Democracy,’ as well as her own experiences of being considered a security risk under the Mubarak regime.

But the website she edits, Ikhwanonline.com, has previously burned those bridges with hateful and anti-Western rhetoric. In a statement condemning Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of American special forces, an article published by Ikhwanonline condoned attacks on foreign forces occupying Muslim lands, including American troops. The article states, ‘so long as occupation remains resistance is legitimate and it [the Muslim Brotherhood] calls on the United States, NATO and the EU to end the occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.’

Other articles on her website hail violence and terrorism. One celebrates the life and death of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, while another claims that America actually creates terrorist states to have reasons to invade the Muslim world.”

The Grandys Sound The Brotherhood Alarm on Talk1200

Sounding the alarm (audio) this morning about the special exemptions from U.S. border inspection given to the MB delegation, however, were Fred Grandy and Mrs. Fred on Talk1200 .

Mrs. Fred asks —

“Where is the outrage in our country”?

Fred Grandy warns listeners about another group in the panoply of creeping shariah: the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America.

Translating Jihad’s post “Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Cautions Muslims Against Participating in American Legal System; Urges Them to ‘Hate It in Their Hearts'” points out —

“It is important to note that AMJA–whose stated purpose is to ‘clarify the rulings of the sharia which are relevant for those who live in America’–is not just a fringe organization with no influence. The Islamic scholars involved with this group occupy influential positions in universities, Islamic centers, and mosques throughout the United States.”

Readers may wish to see the lists of these Islamic scholars at their various academic and Islamic locations in the U.S. here, and here (Andrew Bostom).

In an ironic development, Islamist-friendly Grover Norquist will be a guest host on WMAL, the Grandys’ old radio station, tomorrow here (scroll to bottom) on WMAL’s Morning on the Mall show.

Last year Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine Mann, aka Mrs. Fred, left their morning show on WMAL.

She declared in “The muzzling of Mrs. Fred” (Daily Caller) —

“So Mrs. Fred Friday began to change. Now, instead of railing against cyclists on Old Georgetown Road, Fred and I were slowly connecting the dots between the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, that body of 57 Islamic states (Palestinian Authority included) that has since 1993 openly claimed in the UN that human rights policy must be subservient to Sharia law.

For our efforts, Fred and I were sometimes called racists and Islamophobes, but our audience loved our shows. Calls and emails would pour in during and after these reports wanting to learn more about the slow but steady progress of civilization jihad. Why wasn’t Nidal Hassan stopped before he murdered fourteen people at Fort Hood? Why is he still not referred to as an Islamic extremist in the official DOD report on the shootings?

The demand for more information eventually culminated two weeks ago in a large public forum on Capitol Hill co-hosted by the radio station, the Heritage Foundation, The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and the Westminster Institute. Fred fielded a panel of experts on domestic terrorism who packed the house and left the audience wanting more.

Nevertheless, just a few days after the event, Fred was told to tone down the jihadist talk and make sure I did the same. I didn’t. In my February 25th report on how Christians had been arrested in Dearborn, Michigan, for simply talking about their religion to Muslims, I said something that outraged our management and was dismissed.

I’m not sure exactly what I said that they objected to, but if I had to guess, I’d guess it was how I concluded the show: ‘If I don’t return next Friday to continue this discussion, you’ll know that CAIR has successfully put pressure on WMAL — and the radical Muslims have won.’”

Mrs. Fred asked today about the Obama Administration’s pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood: “Where is the outrage?”

Readers might want to ask their conservative friends in the House and Senate: “Where is your outrage?”




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