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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 21 Apr 2012 07:31 pm

Multicultural Mischief Stalks Schools from Georgia to Maryland

“… [Y]ears of liberals running their own private indoctrination camps through the American education system have finally taken their toll and are churning out reliably liberal kids who will inevitably come of age. Not enough of them are conservatives and not enough of them will be mugged by reality to convert to conservatism.” – Zorro (via Mark Steyn and Stanley Kurtz)

One gritty fighter against this indoctrination-under-the-guise-of-education trend is Mary Grabar who offers “intellectual ammunition for dissidents of the anti-Western, anti-American academic regime” and rightly styles herself “Editor and Organizer of the Resistance.”

More on writer Grabar here.

Yesterday we were catching up on Graber’s latest report from Georgia, which included a brief post from National Association of Scholars’ Ashley Thorne who explained —

“NAS member and contributor Mary Grabar, whose nom de blog is ‘Dissident Prof,’ has posted two videos on her website that give a window into the academic-credit-for-activism culture in contemporary higher education.

The first video is of a teach-in held on February 4. The first 40 seconds of the video shows Jennifer Esposito, a professor at Georgia State University pledging to give extra credit to students in her ‘Race, Class, and Gender in Education’ course if they bring in handwritten letters to legislators opposing certain immigration reform bills (HB 87 in Georgia and HB 59 in Arizona).”

National Association for Multicultural Education—Georgia Chapter

Investigator Grabar then pointed out (scroll down) —

“The Georgia Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education [NAME] is working to prevent students from forming their own opinions before college by sponsoring speakers on the topic of ‘Teaching in a Diverse World’ and by linking to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance site that highlights a teacher fired for providing her students with ‘authentic learning opportunities’ in the form of writing essays about the Trayvon Martin case and then holding a fundraiser, complete with hoodie-clad students.  Dissident Prof wonders if any student essays in support of due process would get good grades from this teacher, though.”

Well, we asked ourselves yesterday, what is the Maryland chapter of this fine group of NAME constitutionalists contributing to improving history and civics learning in the Old Line State?

Here is what we found.

Carroll County Schools Host NAME Meeting Next Saturday

A Carroll County school system flyer here announces

“Maryland Multicultural Coalition Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education

2012 Annual Statewide Multicultural Education Conference

Beyond Multiculturalism: The Road Less Traveled.

. . . . . . . . . .

Hosted by: Carroll County Public School System April 28, 2012

Winters Mill High School, 560 Gorsuch Road, Westminster, Maryland 21157”

We are always delighted that Maryland’s own Michelle Shearer, 2011 national teacher of the year, carries her message of accomplishment to this and many other conferences as keynote speaker.

But one fears to imagine what the conference theme “Beyond Multiculturalism: The Road Less Traveled” has in store for the Republic.

A taste of what to expect at the Westminster, Maryland  April 28 conference? 

EdChange here declares they will be there.  Their website urges —

“Check out the Introduction to the new book, Assault on Kids: How Hyper-Accountability, Corporatization, Deficit Ideologies, and Ruby Payne Are Destroying Our Schools, by Roberta Ahlquist, Paul C. Gorski, and Theresa Montaño (Eds.).

Read Complicating White Privilege: Race, Poverty, and the Nature of the Knapsack, Paul’s short essay on limitations in the popular ‘white privilege’ discourse, recently published by the Web site, Counterpunch.”

Conservative readers will be thrilled to learn the public, political positions here of the Maryland Multicultural Coalition Chapter’s parent organization NAME.

  • A sample — their position paper here on “undocumented immigrants.”
  • Another — their paper here on “NAME Statement of Solidarity with OccupyChicago and the Global Occupy Movement.”

NAME and its Maryland chapter have every right to propagate their views.

They have no right to do so on taxpayer money.

They have no entitlement to the imprimatur of a public school system suggesting that the Maryland NAME chapter is merely a professional association dedicated purely to advancing the art of  teaching as it has been understood throughout the Western tradition.

The parent National Association for Multicultural Education is clearly a left-wing advocacy organization.

Consequently we — and we are sure many readers – will want to know how much Maryland and local taxpayer money supports not just this April 28 political organization’s statewide meeting — but also supports its other Maryland activities throughout the year by providing facilities, or bankrolling any honoraria, travel, and teacher dues.

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