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Conservatives &Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 22 Jul 2010 09:21 pm

“Haven’t you guys been listening to the Tea Party folks?”


“Why not have welcomed Brian Murphy to the campaign, welcomed debate, shook hands, and said may the best man win?   Then prove to us, the Republican voters, that Bob Ehrlich is the best man to take on O’Malley.  Instead, no, same old Maryland dirty tricks.  Haven’t you guys been listening  to the Tea Party folks across this country?” – – Ann Corcoran of Potomac Tea Party Report

Maybe – – just possibly – – respected and popular Frederick County sheriff Charles Jenkins’ support for Maryland GOP gubernatorial primary challenger Brian Murphy will prompt a full-blown public exchange on the issues and approaches separating Murphy from (or shared by him with) the Maryland GOP Establishment favorite, former governor Bob Ehrlich.

Katherine Heerbrandt’s Gazette.Net piece today is illuminating: “Sheriff’s support of Ehrlich’s opponent raises eyebrows | Stance on illegal immigration raises profile of challenger to former governor today” – –

“Jenkins said he was surprised at how the seemingly innocuous video pledge became ‘escalated and sensationalized.’

He believes that his public endorsement of Murphy doesn’t make much difference, but he stands firmly by his side. ‘If Bob Ehrlich was concerned at all about who I was going to support, he would have come to me and ask me, ‘What do I need to do to gain your support?” Jenkins said.

Ehrlich, he said, showed no inclination during his administration to adopt the 287g program. ‘I very frankly don’t think Ehrlich would be totally supportive of 287g,’ Jenkins said. ‘I only say that because when he was governor, he made no move toward it.’

Despite his initial reaction to Jenkins’ endorsement, Donald Murphy [who represented District 12A in the Maryland House of Delegates for two terms in the 1990s] is not surprised that the sheriff is behind Ehrlich’s challenger. He heard him ‘rip Ehrlich for a number of things when he was in office’ during state Republican party chair Audrey Scott’s visit to Frederick in April.”

Would Bob Ehrlich Transform Maryland from a Sanctuary State Into An Attrition-Through-Enforcement State?

If Mr. Ehrlich’s goal is to grow jobs in Maryland, his administration doesn’t need the budgetary (and security) burden of illegal immigrants, and their constant pressure to expand government services.

But first a little recent Maryland history to put coping with illegals into context.

In December 2007, we reported in our “Gilchrest Ads Misleading But CASA Gets Big Taxpayer Bucks”  – –

“Neither the congressman [Wayne Gilchrest] from the first district nor his adversary on slots, then-governor Bob Ehrlich, saw fit, however, to spend political capital on protecting the integrity of Maryland drivers permits. Herb McMillan, however, did some very heavy lifting in the House of Delegates to try to do so. Ron George continues his work. As the Washington Times wrote in December of 2005:

‘For the past two years, Republican Delegate Herbert McMillan has introduced legislation that would ensure the state would deny licenses to illegals, and both times the bills were killed by the Democrats. Mr. McMillan plans to introduce a similar bill in next year’s session. The legislation is critical to homeland security and deserves support, but it has no possibility of passing unless Mr. Ehrlich is prepared to endorse it and take an active role in fighting for its passage. We urge the governor to act now.’(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Arguably,the current Maryland policy of drivers permits for illegals is the strongest inducement for illegals to come to Maryland. (Recall how drivers permits are also tied in to the Motor Voter Act.) State senator Andy Harris voted against a bad drivers-permit bill in 2003 which the then-governor nonetheless approved,and Harris cosponsored drivers-permit-reform legislation in 2007.”

Moreover voters deserve some substantive commentary from Mr. Ehrlich on the letters of support from two prominent Republicans, former GOP state chairman John Kane and delegate Tony O’Donnell, in behalf of one of president Obama’s Department of Justice chieftains, Thomas Perez.

Does Mr. Ehrlich approve of the former chairman of the Maryland Republican Party and the current Republican leader in the House of Delegates supporting the Senate confirmation of Mr. Perez, sometime Casa de Maryland chief? Mr. Kane wrote the Senate Judiciary panel on April 17, 2009 – –

“My relationship with Mr. Perez developed further as I became Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party from 2002-2006. Over the course of those four years, we would meet on occasion to review the political landscape in the state of Maryland. We would discuss business issues, wherein he regularly showed a willingness to listen, as well as, bring different stakeholders to the table to work on issues outside the realm of partisan politics. A few folks thought it odd that a leading Democrat on the County Council of Montgomery County, Maryland, maintained such a strong relationship with the chair of the Maryland Republican Party.  What most of them did not understand was that with Mr. Perez,it was never about politics, but about policy and what was best for those he served.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Are we to believe that John Kane’s wife, Mary Kane, Mr. Ehrlich’s selection for his running mate as lieutenant governor and Maryland Secretary of State during the Ehrlich administration, was unaware of Mr. Kane’s “strong relationship” with Mr. Perez?

In 2004, as Deputy Secretary of State, Mary Kane reportedly promised to advance Action in Montgomery’s (AIM) priority of “a full-service immigration and naturalization office in Montgomery County” – –

“After the adoption of the agenda, the County Executive Doug Duncan, Congressman Van Hollen, and Deputy Secretary of State for Maryland Mary Kane were asked to stand and individually pledge to support AIM’s [Action in Montgomery] agenda by taking specific action and here is what they pledged:

  • Deputy Secretary of State for Maryland Mary Kane – will arrange for a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele and other officials from the Governor Ehrlich’s administration to discuss how to support the immigration action.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Voters concerned about illegal immigration would like to have Mrs. Kane’s own comments on the October 13, 2004 meeting this website reports her attending.  What were the details of AIM’s request for “a full-service immigration and naturalization office in Montgomery County.” Why would anyone recommend that the Ehrlich Administration press for Federal money for this service facility as opposed, say, for money to safeguard our harbors and our borders?

The current AIM website states – –

“On February 24th 2010, 235 AIM leaders gathered with County Executive Leggett and Council President Floreen and called on them to: Ensure that, even in the face of budget cuts, the county will continue to treat all of its residents equally; immigration status must not be a factor in determining who can use county services and programs, including affordable housing assistance, health care, and tuition rates at Montgomery College.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

The current AIM website, also declares – –

“AIM is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the oldest and largest national, congregation-based, community organizing network in the United States. Founded more than 50 years ago by Saul Alinsky, the IAF works with more than 55 community organizations like AIM across the United States, and in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.”

Mary Kane’s campaign biography includes her work for the Chamber of Commerce.  Does she agree with their position on immigration?

 What Taxes Does Bob Ehrlich Plan on Raising? Hardly a Recipe for Jobs.

Mr. Ehrlich has not signed the gubernatorial no-new-taxes-pledge. Nor did he do so in 2002. Mr. Murphy and his running mate, Michael Ryman, however, have done so. 

Maryland conservatives should ask all state GOP lawmaker candidates two questions directly related to tax hikes and immigration:

(1) As you highlight your signing of the no-new-taxes pledge, will you honor that pledge even if a Republican governor proposes the tax – – even if he tries to disguise it as a “fee”?  (Here is a list of no-new-taxes pledge-breakers who voted at least twice in 2004 for major new taxes approved by then-governor Bob Ehrlich.) Voters want to be sure that Maryland pledge-signer candidates understand that Republican-authored tax hikes are quite as bad as Democrat-authored tax hikes.

(2) Will you co-sponsor and actively support a parallel Maryland version of the Arizona law (reportedly to be called the “Citizens Rights Act”) as delegate Pat McDonough is urging?


“I am very disappointed the media has effectively awarded the GOP nomination already to Ehrlich.His disregard for value based voters and grass roots organizations cost him his re-election, a circumstance of which the candidate seems blissfully unaware. Ehrlich’s style and client list portray a politician in the embrace of ‘ruling class’ politics, as described in Angelo Codevilla’s recent American Spectator article.”  

– – July 27, 2010 Dave Gardner Crofton, MD

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