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2010 Election Richard Falknor on 19 Aug 2010 10:32 am

Kratovil, Nye, Boucher: Sign Obamacare Repealer Petition!

These three Maryland or Virginia Democratic representatives, Frank Kratovil, Glenn Nye, and Rick Boucher, have something important in common. They all voted against Obamacare on final passage.

Now – – during the Dog Day recess – – is the time for Maryland and Virginia conservatives publicly to press each of them to commit to signing the Obamacare Repealer Discharge Petition when the House of Representatives returns in September.

Signing the Obamacare Repealer Discharge Petition (the underlying bill, H.R. 4972, was introduced by  Representative Steve King on March 25) is a way for these three members genuinely to reaffirm their opposition to freedom-denying Obamacare – – not just by having cast a “no” vote (a vote unneeded for final passage and very likely approved by Speaker Nancy Pelosi) to get their Blue Dog or, in Boucher’s case, Medicare-preserving, tickets punched.  The Weekly Standard talked about Glenn Nye’s position before the March 21 final vote.  Frank Kratovil explained his position just after the vote.

Here is the relevant question for these three House Democrats: What has changed since your earlier objections that keeps you from signing the Obamacare Repealer Discharge Petition?

Last July 12 in our post
Obamacare Repealer: Members Must Sign Discharge Petition
, we quoted Discharge Petition author’s Steve King’s overall plan – –

“Republicans just need to sign a repeal bill, bring forth a discharge petition, use the discharge petition as a litmus test against Blue Dog Democrats in the November elections, win back a majority, pass a repeal bill in the new Congress, endure Obama’s inevitable veto of it, shut off the funding for the 2011 and 2012 enactment of Obamacare, and, finally, elect a new president in 2012.” Representative Steve King (Underscoring Forum’s.)

And we showed how National Review on Line’s Ramesh Ponnuru put Republican health-reform strategy in a larger context – –

“NRO editorialized recently that the basic House Republican health-care strategy this year should have three facets. First, House Republicans should co-sponsor a simple, straightforward repeal bill. Second, Republican challengers should urge Democratic incumbents—especially those who voted against Obamacare—to co-sponsor the bill as well. Third, Republicans should continue to promote alternative health-care reforms such as tax credits, interstate purchase, and so forth. While the party’s message should include a ‘replace’ component, its legislative tactics this year should focus on repeal.(Underscoring Forum’s

Here is our paraphrase of how some key conservative voices are explaining the nuts and bolts of why we want not just all our Republican House members – – but also those Democratic members who voted against Obamacare – – to commit to signing the Discharge Petition right away.

With a repeal bill unlikely to come to the House floor this year, the next best thing is discharge petition #11.  If this discharge petition gets signed by 218 members, then Speaker Pelosi would be forced to bring H.R. 4972 to the House floor for an up or down vote on repealing Obamacare. The discharge petition also provides concerned citizens and grassroots groups a single legislative target to focus their attention.

170 Republican House members (out of 178) have now signed the Petition.

These three (one Maryland and two Virginia) Democratic representatives who voted against Obamacare last March 21 should publicly commit to signing the Discharge Petition to help speed this simple Obamacare Repealer to a House vote.

Bringing them to a better mind on signing the Discharge Petition is really a job for Tea Partiers at the rallies and public appearances of the three Democratic incumbents.

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