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2010 Election Richard Falknor on 07 Sep 2010 08:48 pm

Christian Adams Moves to Clean Up State Election Rolls

ADD-ON September 14:  Veteran Washington-based broadcast journalist Wes Vernon yesterday spotlighted “Thomas Perez: Obama’s one-man Gestapo” Faithful readers will recall that Maryland GOP luminaries delegate Tony O’Donnell, and John Kane supported the Perez Senate confirmation. They have never explained why, and MD GOP chairman Audrey Scott declined to comment on their bizarre support for the former Casa de Maryland board chief. Scroll down to What is the Perez-O’Donnell-Kane Connection? for more details.

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“Having more voters than living humans tells you something is wrong. In West Virginia, one county reported 113% of the voting age population was registered to vote. Baltimore, Maryland, reported 104% of voting age citizens on the rolls. ” . . . . “Ponce de Leon wasted his time looking for the fountain of youth in Florida — he should have gone to Maryland, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Oregon, or Tennessee. These states report that they didn’t remove a single dead voter from 2006 to 2008. ” . . . . “Many counties in other states also have amazing longevity. Large numbers of counties in Alabama, Rhode Island, and Virginia report removing no dead voters in two years. Whatever they are drinking there, I’d like some quick.” – – J. Christian Adams (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Former Department of Justice election lawyer Christian Adams tells us today in his Pajamas Media post about “Doing the DOJ’s Job for Them: Demanding Valid Voter Rolls Before November” —

“As the saying goes:if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. If Americans don’t want dead and ineligible felons participating in elections, they will have to clean up the mess themselves, as Attorney General Eric Holder won’t do his job by enforcing the integrity protections in the ‘Motor Voter’ law passed in 1993.”

Explains Adams:

“Motor Voter struck an important balance — it sought to increase voter registration, as well as ensure voter integrity. Welfare offices and motor vehicle offices became voter registration centers. But the law also required states to conduct list maintenance to ensure ineligible names don’t pollute the voting rolls. Dead people, ineligible felons, and people who moved away must be removed from the rolls by state election officials.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky tonight chimes in with his National Review on Line (NRO) post “There Really Is Something Rotten in the Justice Department” – –

“When I was in the Civil Rights Division, we actually investigated this problem and filed lawsuits against several states to enforce this provision of the NVRA [National Voter Registration Act].For trying to enforce federal law, we were labeled as ‘vote suppressors.’ No, we just wanted to fairly enforce the law that Congress had passed, something the Clinton administration had failed to do. It did not file a single lawsuit in eight years to enforce this provision.”

But key DOJ player Tom Perez sees his job differently, says Adams —

To opponents of effective list maintenance, Section 8 exists to threaten states who conduct robust purging programs. When Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez said that the DOJ is actually performing Section 8 functions, it was to advise states not to clean up voter rolls — as compared with my aim of enforcing the law against states who neglect to clean up the rolls. A nicely played trick of the tongue on his part.”

All conservatives — including those in Virginia or Maryland –should support activist Adams’ efforts to employ “private rights of action” to clean up voter rolls. 

Faithful readers, however, will recall Assistant Attorney General Perez’s two fans in the Maryland GOP Establishment:  Tony O’Donnell and John Kane.

What is the Perez-O’Donnell-Kane Connection?

Maryland conservatives will note the failure of the Old Line State’s GOP Establishment to demand some public accounting from House of Delegates Republican leader Tony O’Donnell and former state chairman John Kane (husband of Republican lieutenant governor candidate Mary Kane) for supporting the Senate confirmation of former Casa de Maryland board chairman Tom Perez to be assistant attorney general.

The longer we wait for an explanation, the more we ask what was the O’Donnell-Kane-Perez deal?

Last November 23, we emailed GOP state chairman Audrey Scott –

“What action is the Maryland Republican Party taking to distance itself from Mr.Tony O’Donnell’s support — on House of Delegates stationery –of a highly questionable Obama administration nominee (now confirmed) to the Justice Department?

We emailed Mrs. Scott again last December 4 when we received no answer.  Mrs. Scott remains mute on these arcane matters like Maryland GOP support for Obama nominee, Tom Perez, whose reach touches free political speech, and secure and honest voting places.

Just a month ago, we revealed more about Marylander Perez —

More Today on Tom Perez, and His Two Maryland GOP Fans

There is something profoundly amiss in the Maryland GOP Establishment of which not addressing the O’Donnell-Kane-Perez connection is just one —  albeit egregious — example.

Today the Potomac Tea Party Report (PTPR) declares in their continuing coverage of the “Rule 11” controversy about party interference in the contested Maryland GOP gubernatorial primary —

Audrey Scott you are no Sharon Day

One commenter on a related PTPR post wrote – –

“As a person who was in attendance at the Campaign for Liberty meeting I wanted to mention that Audrey was asked outright if she had to choose between party and principle which would she choose; she chose party. She did say that that choice had never happened. I believe in this rule 11 debacle she picked party over principle, but unfortunately party does not win with this move either. We all lose when we are caused to faction.”

We weren’t at that meeting.  Perhaps Mrs. Scott might have misspoken. [UPDATE: link to Scott video] But the exchange is symptomatic of a widespread lack of grassroots trust in the Maryland GOP Establishment.  The exchange also illustrates that Establishment’s own discomfort with providing any kind of public accountability. Reasonable observers, moreover, will likely conclude that Mrs. Scott acts under the direction and following the approach of gubernatorial candidate and former governor Bob Ehrlich.

Fortunately in next Tuesday’s primary election, Maryland conservatives will have the opportunity to vote for new and principled Republican candidates for a variety of state offices.

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