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2010 Election &Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 16 Oct 2010 02:10 pm

Maryland, Virginia House Candidate Immigration Ratings

NumbersUSA has an illuminating “Candidate Immigration Comparisons: Congressional” national chart on their website.  Below are their ratings for incumbents and challengers in what we see as the most heavily-contested House races in Maryland and Virginia.


See the ratings for Andy Harris and Frank Kratovil in Maryland’s First District, and Charles Lollar and Steny Hoyer in Maryland’s Fifth District. Both Harris and Lollar received a NumbersUSA “True Reformer” rating.  Dr. Harris’ strong immigration-reduction stand may be partly why the pro-amnesty US Chamber of Commerce endorsed Mr. Kratovil.

(Just for the record, in considering the candidate ratings in the Maryland U. S. Senate race between long-time incumbent Barbara Mikulski and GOP challenger Eric Wargotz, we note that Mr. Wargotz has apparently not responded to any of the questions on the NumbersUSA “immigration survey.” Yet in the primary Mr. Wargotz defeated Jim Rutledge who had a very strong immigration-reduction position.)


In Virginia’s Fifth District, GOP challenger Robert Hurt clearly has a stronger immigration-reduction policy than Tom Perriello who receives a “D+” rating from NumbersUSA.

In Virginia’s Second District, GOP challenger Scott Rigell gets a “True Reformer” rating. Not surprisingly, the pro-amnesty US Chamber of Commerce endorsed incumbent Democrat Glenn Nye.

In Virginia’s 11th District, GOP challenger Keith Fimian’s positions puzzle us.  Mr. Fimian opposes amnesty, he favors “attrition through enforcement,” but apparently has no stated position on “mandat[ing] e-verify.” Incumbent Gerry Connolly, however, with a “C” rating is listed as supporting “mandat[ing] e-verify.”

Will Mr. Fimian revisit his agnostic stance on e-verify?

In Virginia’s 9th District, GOP challenger
Morgan Griffith has apparently not responded to any of the questions on the NumbersUSA “immigration survey.” Incumbent Rick Boucher, however, has a questionable overall posture on immigration reduction.

As NumbersUSA suggests – –

“Have your candidates filled out the immigration survey? If, not download the PDF yourself and give it to them.

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