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2010 Election &First things . . . Richard Falknor on 27 Oct 2010 11:42 am

Let’s Use Christian Adams’ Primer To Spot Voter Fraud

Everyone on the center-right should print out — and keep with them when they go to vote — election lawyer J. Christian Adams’  invaluable guide —

Voter Fraud Watch: A Primer on What to Watch For

Former Department of Justice official Adams counsels —

“This year has seen an amazing amount of citizen interest in standing watch against voter fraud. Even if you don’t see it, remember, those who stand watch also serve. Go volunteer with your local political party. Ask a candidate if you can serve as a poll watcher. Make Election Day the active, participatory, national event it was meant to be.

A final note. Too often political parties cobble together a poll watching operation at the last second. And the training is weak, with folks being thrust into the field with no wisdom or experience. This is changing. Groups are establishing systemic training well before the election.  The old way of a political party doing things is fading. A New Model Army of poll watchers is taking the field this election, totally separate from political parties, with an eye toward deploying thousands of highly trained watchers in 2012. Next Tuesday is just the beginning.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

During these historic times, readers should also check in regularly with Adams’ website!

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