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2010 Election Richard Falknor on 01 Nov 2010 04:48 pm

What Will Speech-Suppressing MD Politicians Do Next?

Did public employees, at the order of the O’Malley Administration, take candidate signs off private property over the weekend?

Yes, says veteran Maryland investigator and author Ken Timmerman this afternoon who disclosed in his “Sign of Dirty Tricks Times: Md. State Workers Remove GOP Posters” that – –

“Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley ordered state highway workers to remove political campaign signs for Republican candidates during the weekend, according to GOP candidates and homeowners.

The leader of the state with the slogan of ‘Seize the Day Off’ apparently told state employees to work on their days off, at overtime rates, according to candidates and residents along major thoroughfares in the Democratic stronghold of Montgomery County, in the Washington suburbs. Those residents told Newsmax they were surprised on Saturday when highway workers removed signs from their front yards and tossed them into a state dump truck.

‘This is an absolute outrage,’ said Rob Vricella, a Republican candidate for county council who confronted the workers. ‘I jumped up into the truck and retrieved my own signs and saw a pile of what looked like all Republican signs.'”

Read the entire post.

Here is the central question:  if the O’Malley Administration seized candidate signs on private property this last weekend, what will they do tomorrow at the polls?

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