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2010 Election Richard Falknor on 03 Nov 2010 07:04 pm

Maryland: the Land the GOP Tsunami Rolled Past?

Well, no, not quite.

Dr. Andy Harris‘ victory in winning election to the US House of Representatives in Maryland One might not have been possible without the grass-roots pushback against the Obama Administration.

Equally important, however, was Andy’s grit in knocking incumbent representative Wayne Gilchrest out in the February 2008 primary, and persevering through what must have been a heartbreaking defeat in the general election that year.

Faithful readers will recall that former House speaker Newt Gingrich and sometime Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele publicly endorsed Gilchrest in the 2008 primary.  Said Gingrich and Steele that year  (scroll down in foregoing link) the latter now the Republican National Committee chairman – –

Mr. Gingrich told a Gilchrest gathering on January 11 [2008] that “it was Gilchrest’s leadership that led [Gingrich] to endorse the moderate congressman.” On January 12, former Maryland lieutenant-governor Michael Steele said . . . “‘litmus tests’ on such issues as abortion, immigration and tax cuts are wrong.”

Congratulations to Harris, a time-tested fiscal and values conservative.  We expect outstanding work as a new member of the Republican Study Committee!

Ron George Tops the Speaker?

We don’t know whether the likely (absentees are not yet counted) victory of two of the three members of the Ron George team (the three District 30 Republican candidates) arose directly from the roar of the Tsunami as it passed Maryland shores, but the national outrage over the Obama Administration’s schemes probably helped:

House of Delegates

Legislative District 30
(Vote for No More Than Three)

Party Total Votes %

Michael E. Busch Democratic 22450 17.94%
Virginia P. Clagett Democratic 19677 15.72%
Judd Legum Democratic 18385 14.69%
Ron George Republican 24259 19.39%
Seth Howard Republican 18983 15.17%
Herb McMillan Republican 21298 17.02%
Other Write-Ins 83 0.0

Ron George began organizing early and seriously for the election, particularly in view of the appearance of opponent Judd Legum who had substantial experience on the national Left.  According to Mr. Legum’s biography, he “served as the Research Director at the Center for American Progress.” DiscoverTheNetworks tells us about the Center.

Ron, on the other hand, is a savvy independent business owner with a wide portfolio of conservative accomplishments.

Herb McMillan, former delegate, and Maryland expert on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, was the other Republican winner in District 30.

If we had to name the relative handful of Republican members of the Maryland House of Delegates whose commitment to fiscal and values conservatism was both informed and steady, Ron George and Herb McMillan would head the list.

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