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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 17 Aug 2012 11:35 am

UPDATED! George Allen Meets The Islamic Society of North America

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME AUGUST 17! Ann Corcoran of Potomac Tea Party Report reminds us of Jim Hoft’s August 13 (Gateway Pundit) post (with photo) – -“Obama held his annual Iftar Dinner at the White House on Friday night. Hillary Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin was there. She sat next to Muslim Brotherhood member and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) president, Mohamed Magid.”  (Underscoring Forum’s.)

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Leesburg Today’s Lindsey Brookbank last Sunday brought us her “Muslim Society Celebrates Community, Ramadan, Eagle Scouts” here.

There we see Virginia GOP U.S. Senate hopeful George Allen deep in conversation with Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) president Imam Mohamed Magid [now past president]who, in the image below, appears in his role last Sunday as executive director (scroll down in foregoing link to “Imam Mohamed Hag Magid, ADAMS Center”) of the of All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS).

“Allen, Hagmagid Mingle”

  “Former Gov. George Allen and Imam Mohamed Hagmagid, executive director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), share words at the event. “

Are they just chatting about the virtues of scouting? Maybe they are also talking about how Shariah fits right in with the U. S. Constitution?  Maybe the Imam is telling the good Mr. Allen how deplorable Mrs. Bachmann and her colleagues are for asking the Inspectors General to check out Muslim Brotherhood ties in five major national-security activities

The ADAMS Center makes clear its affiliation with ISNA here

“It is a membership organization registered in the State of Virginia as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation and is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).”

However likable, and whatever his undoubted virtues, George Allen apparently is not a policy wonk. But surely as a once-again-aspiring U.S. senator in a time of great danger (and a candidate who has already served one Senate term)  — Mr. Allen should learn the basics about the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America.

Here, for example, is former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy on ISNA

 “In 2007-08, the [Muslim] Brotherhood was proved by the Justice Department to be engaged in what the Brotherhood itself describes as a ‘grand jihad’ aimed at the ‘elimination and destruction of Western civilization from within’ by ‘sabotage.’ The title of my book was not my words but theirs — taken from their internal memoranda, seized by the FBI from the home of a Brotherhood official. The Brotherhood’s anti-U.S. strategy was not news to anyone who follows Islamist movements, but the proof for all to see came during the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, during which several defendants were convicted of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. Supporting Hamas’s terrorist war against Israel has been the Brotherhood’s highest priority in the U.S. since Hamas was formed, and trial evidence showed unmistakably that the leading Islamist organizations in the U.S. — almost all either formed by or having ties to the Brotherhood — were complicit.

Among the most important of these is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was designated as an unindicted coconspirator by the Justice Department and shown by prosecutors to have housed the HLF in its offices and to have helped it transfer money to Hamas fronts overseas.”

Andrew McCarthy’s take (read it all) is vastly different from the seemingly benign tone of ISNA’s public image which they project.

Here is an ISNA press release (including words from Imam Mohamed Hagmagid Ali ), nonetheless, condemning Representative Peter King’s March 10, 2011 hearings on Muslim radicalization and here Mr. King “Scolds The Media For ‘Mindless Hysteria’ Leading Up To Hearings.”

Mr. Allen might take the time to watch the new documentary video Losing Our Sons and to talk to two fathers whose sons were consumed by the outrage of  homegrown Jihad, leading to the murder of one by the other in front of a Little Rock recruiting station.

Via counter-terrorism expert Steve Emerson, we learn of senator Tom Coburn’s 2008 report “JUSTICE DENIED: WASTE & MISMANAGEMENT AT THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE,” which revealed —

“From August 31 to September 3, 2007, the Justice Department co-sponsored and sent official DOJ representatives to a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — a named unindicted co-conspirator in a federal terrorist funding case.” . . . . “’There is outrage among lawyers that the Department of Justice is funding a group named as a co-conspirator in a terrorist financing case,’ said a Justice lawyer who spoke to The Washington Times.”

Fortunately, the Coburn report adds —

“In response to congressional inquiry, DOJ reported that the agency was not sponsoring the Islamic Society of North America’s 2008 convention, which began on August 26, 2008, nor was it sending any DOJ employees. This is a positive development for those concerned about the nation’s top law enforcement agency’s previous financial support for unindicted co-conspirators.”

Mr. Allen might also wish to consider a different face of the ADAMS Center than the one presented for popular consumption.  Scroll down to “A Dangerous Mosque” in Ben Johnson’s (Floyd Reports) post of  March 7, 2011.

George Allen may once again be one of Virginia’s two U. S. Senators. We would certainly be more comfortable if we knew that he would exercise better judgment than in his Senate term where he often seemed to sail with the Washington, D. C. winds:  here (Cindy Sheehan) and here (the hounding of Scooter Libby) .

This is important not just as a campaign misstep, but to illustrate the willful blindness of many in the Virginia GOP to the Islamists in their midst.   The historical parallel that comes to mind to the current fecklessness of Virginia Republicans and “conservatives” in coming to terms with Islamists is the (strong but unsuccessful) opposition of so many “progressives” in the Democratic Party to the Truman pushback against the Soviet Union in the late 1940s.

In our view, the current Virginia GOP blindness about Islamists is rapidly approaching a point of no return. 

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