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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 13 Feb 2011 02:54 pm

Who’s Afraid of Grover? How Many Eminent Conservatives?


“Many good conservatives on the [American Conservative Union] Board have refused to believe the evidence of Suhail’s Brotherhood allegiances and agendas.” – – David Horowitz [Board link supplied by Forum.]

Take-no-prisoners Maryland blogger Ann Corcoran writes in her Potomac Tea Party Report about Grover Norquist – –

“Norquist: Islam completely compatible with US Constitution… ….and calls anyone who disagrees Islamophobic! Grover Norquist (head honcho and really sole founder and sole operative at Americans for Tax Reform) continued to create controversy and chaos at the Conservative Political Action Conference meeting in Washington, DC this week by giving an interview to the far Left George Soros media outlet Think Progress.”

Read the entire Corcoran post here. Once more, we see independent Tea Party voices getting to the root of the matter before some of our friends on the national level.

Yesterday at CPAC 2011, David Horowitz gave us chapter and verse on what he terms “Political Islam” and its penetration into the conservative movement, the GOP, and our civic institutions.

Here is that video. Stay with the video until the middle where long-time conservative publisher and campus reformer Horowitz discusses Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.

Conservatives neglect Horowitz’ message at their great peril.

Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and its no-new-taxes pledge is recognized as a canonical source of tax information and of effective tools for tax reduction.  (Norquist’s fiscal warriors didn’t get in the way of the Bush Administration budget follies, however, like the Medicare Prescription Drug Act.)

But Mr. Norquist himself has jeopardized his organization and the loose national network of center-right coalitions he has helped established, if not his country, by his romance, as one analyst terms it, with the Islamists.  This romance of Norquist and his proteges with Islamists is all well documented.

These links are relatively recent.

A GOP ‘moderate Muslim’ — or not by Paul Sperry

Norquist: Mosque Obsession Will Hurt GOPby David Weigel

“National Security? What National Security?” by Mark Krikorian

Michelle Malkin has put together a helpful list of foundational posts on Norquist and Islam.  Here is a selection:

A Troubling Influence by Frank J Gaffney Jr.

Islamists’ Front Man by Kenneth R. Timmerman

Eyes Wide Shut by

Saudi tendrils by Mona Charen

Nor is this is any secret to many national conservative leaders. They simply draw back from confronting Norquist and his proteges about their Islamist affiliations and leanings.  

Why?  Here is one thoughtful answer.  Roger Simon commenting on Charles Krauthammer’s criticism of Geert Wilders, speculated – –

“I know how presumptuous (and dangerous) it is to psychoanalyze a psychoanalyst (well, psychiatrist) like Charles Krauthammer, but I am going to risk it. I suspect the columnist gave voice to those opinions of Wilders not because he thinks the Dutch politician is ‘extreme,’ but because he is afraid the Dutch politician is right. Call it projection, but I believe this because I have the exact same fear. I think many of us do and we don’t want to face it. Who would? The resultant conclusions are too depressing.
(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Of course, if eminent conservative voices in the capital area have been finding reasons to avoid confronting Grover and his proteges about their romance with the Islamists for some time, it becomes harder and harder to reverse course without embarrassment.  The presentation of even more evidence about Grover’s crowd further raises that fear of embarrassment.  It also reinforces the frightening reality of the danger that Grover and his proteges present.

In the end, wise historians may see these Political Islam-ignoring conservatives as they see those patriotic but naive Democrats of the 1940s and 1950s who steadfastly refused to acknowledge the reality and the peril of the Soviet penetration of our government and institutions.

We see those conservatives that way right now.

* * * * * * * * * * 

UPDATE FEBRUARY 15! Here is the transcript of David Horowitz’ talk at CPAC 2011 Saturday. Commented Cliff Kincaid: I returned from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and am pleased to report that former leftist David Horowitz delivered a dynamite talk. From the podium, in front of thousands and to strong applause, he called on the organizers of CPAC to clean the ranks of collaborators with radical Islam.” Here is the tape of the Horowitz-Kahn Debate on Hannity Radio. Paul Sperry provides videos of what he terms were Kahn’s 2001 and earlier appearances – – from Sperry’s January 10, 2011 New York Post op-ed.

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