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2012 Election Richard Falknor on 12 Oct 2012 11:37 am

The VP Debate: Ben Domenech’s and Other “Takes”

“After all, many politicians lie and demagogue every day before they even get out of bed. And last night Ryan ran into one of the consummate liars and demagogues of our political age in Joe Biden, a blustering boisterous blowhard of a man who careens forward, capped teeth flashing in the sun, through inaccuracies and conflations of all shapes and sizes with reassuring emotional appeals and tough-sounding rhetoric. His entire career is built on his ability to tell blatant falsehoods and sound convincing while he does it. I actually enjoy Biden’s style – he is the ideal modern specimen of Senator qui absurdum est, his DNA strands traced to the very first braggadocios of Rome, clad in the toga candida, who so enjoyed interrupting the stammering Cicero.” – – The Transom today.

Ben Domenech who edits the subscription-available Transom today makes available to everyone his Vice Presidential Debate Edition.

The Transom is far more than just another right-center news ‘aggregator’.  Editor Domenech presents his own substantial insights.  And, of course, the very acts of seeking out and selecting what news or analyses to include in The Transom are editorial, not mechanical decisions. In The Transom’s case, these judgments are exercised with discernment and genuine intellectual curiosity.

We don’t necessarily agree with every one of Mr. Domenech’s selections – but when frank yet constructive disagreements arise among the voices of the right-center, conservatives can often learn much from them.

So click here for The Transom’s Vice Presidential Debate Edition!

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