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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 21 Oct 2012 08:22 pm

UPDATED! While America Slept, The Friends of Sharia Advanced

UPDATES NOVEMBER 2! “Dems Tap Radical Islamists for Cash” reveals Steven Emerson and John Rossomando (IPT News) (via Daily Caller’s Neil Munro.) IPT reported “that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi headlined a Democratic Party fundraiser with leaders of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front groups in May of this year. The invitation-only fundraiser was sponsored by Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Andre Carson, D-Ind.; and Steve Israel, D-N.Y., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and took place on the evening of May 16, 2012, at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. In attendance were about 20 members of a Syrian dissident group and 10 officials representing Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front groups. Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Executive Director Nihad Awad was perhaps the most prominent attendee and played a key role in organizing the event.” IPT believes “senior Democratic Party establishment figures seem intent on engaging and accommodating these new and sometimes radical elements in their party as an up-and-coming new constituency and money source. Most mainstream Democrats, have yet to grasp the full extent of their party’s infiltration.” OCTOBER 22! In their “A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House” here Steve Emerson and John Rossomando (IPT News) report – “A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials. Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.” Mocking the Obama True Believers, Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) declares here “This is no big deal. FDR regularly entertained Fritz Kuhn and other members of the German-American Bund at the White House, didn’t he?” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

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While America Slept, The Friends of Sharia Advanced

There are good reasons why we are not now focusing exclusively on the Romney Campaign.

We certainly see a Romney victory as the top priority – another four years of president Barack Obama may well destroy the freedoms we have all taken for granted as Americans.

Jobs may, for sound reasons, be the themes of the Romney Campaign and of many GOP incumbents and challengers, but our freedoms (from Obamacare to control of our schools) are the fundamental stakes.

And when on November 7, the Romney Transition Team presumably goes into public action, they must face another grave (and unfortunately below-the-radar) challenge to our liberty and safety: rooting out of our government Muslim Brotherhood (MB) enablers and rolling back pro-Islamist policies in our armed forces, the FBI, the State and Homeland Security departments, and the Intelligence community. For a refresher on the lamentable details, click here and here.

We fear these root-out and roll-back goals may not become sufficiently urgent — unless conservatives make a serious effort to explain to their friends in the GOP how dangerous the Islamist problem is.

“Sharia and Freedom”

Former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has fortunately just written (NRO) a useful guide (click here) called “Sharia and Freedom.”

It is his foreword to Andrew Bostom’s Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism.

It is also a statement of first principles we shall need when we sit down with Republican lawmakers and GOP operatives to spell out the scope of the Islamist threat.

Here are a few McCarthy highlights —

  •  “Nevertheless, papering over . . . [basic belief] distinctions is our convention, is it not? And nowhere is that manifested more clearly than in the cloying homage paid by the West to things Islamic. The ostentation with which the U.S. armed forces revere the Koran — indeed, ‘the Holy Qur’an,’ as our top commanders unfailingly refer to it — borders on parody: mandating, at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp for instance, that a copy of the book be distributed to each detained jihadist (notwithstanding that each construes it to command war — I suppose I should say, holy war — against the West), the said delivery carried out by a white-gloved military guard, who must, if at all feasible, be a Muslim.
  • Who cares what the Koran and the other sources of Islamic scripture — the hadith and the authoritative biographies of Islam’s warrior prophet — actually say? We are to regard them as ‘holy,’ the same adjective our official lexicon ubiquitously attaches to cities like Mecca, Medina, and Qom — even as the word ‘Christmas’ is purged as a modifier of ‘carol,’ ‘card,’ ‘tree,’ ‘present,’ ‘party,’ and ‘celebration.’ In the West we no longer acknowledge, much less celebrate, what distinguished us as the West.”
  • “To understand and elucidate the something that is the core of classical Islam has been the mission of Andrew Bostom’s scholarship for well over a decade. A professor of medicine by education and training, Dr. Bostom has brought the uncompromising rigor of that discipline to the study of Islamic history and doctrine. It is the saddest of ironies that such rigor is sorely needed in an age of jihadist supremacism.”
  • “Western elites, however, have abandoned the field — or, better, put it up for sale to Islamic activists and their apologists. Lushly endowed by the Wahhabist rulers of Saudi Arabia and schooled by the Salafist program of the Muslim Brotherhood, these partisans make little secret of their dedication to ‘the Islamization of knowledge.’ That’s the stated mission of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a Virginia-based think-tank founded by Brotherhood operatives in 1981. The goal is clear: to make Islam appear unthreatening, to limn its detractors as irrational and racist (‘Islamophobes’), and thus to control the narrative about their doctrine even as they pursue its hegemonic ambitions.”
  • “The traditions of holy war and animus toward Jews are critical to our understanding of classical Islamic doctrine. Sharia, however, is the doctrine’s essence. It is Islam’s legal and political system. Its establishment is the necessary precondition for a society’s Islamization, and it is thus the objective of both violent jihad and stealthier methods of pressuring a society’s major institutions to bend to Islamic norms. Sharia is the animating force of classical Islam — its claim to ultimate truth. To the extent that doctrine, preponderant among the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims, is challenged by reformist movements within Islam, one cannot apprehend what those tensions are about, or assess how uphill is the reformer’s quest, absent an understanding of sharia and its doctrinal centrality.
  • “As for our own challenge, preserving Western civilization and American constitutional republicanism, Bostom’s title is aptly succinct: ‘Sharia Versus Freedom.’ To borrow again from Cardinal Ratzinger [later becoming Pope Benedict XVI in 2005] by exhibiting their trademark ‘indifference as to the content of what is believed or not believed,’ Islam’s Western apologists depict sharia as gnomic and aspirational. It is not a regulatory code, they assure us, but a mystic, private compass by which the believer comes uniquely to experience the divine. Of course, when a woman who has been sexually assaulted is sentenced by a sharia tribunal to death for extramarital fornication, or a homosexual is similarly condemned for consensual relations, or an apostate for renouncing Islam, the executioners don’t hurl aspirations; they hurl stones.”
  • “Sharia-compliant Islam is ascendant. In the Middle East, about 80 percent of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan tell pollsters they desire to live under sharia strictures. Even in the Far East, in Indonesia, where the practice of Islam tends to be more moderate due to its syncretism with other traditions of worship, sharia is on the march — preferred by half the population . . . and rising. Throughout the West, including in the United States, governments are under pressure from their swelling, aggressive Muslim communities to accept and adopt sharia standards — legitimizing them in our law and our culture, even as their brute repression of speech degrades our capacity to assess the wages of conferring legitimacy.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Author McCarthy puts his finger on “our own challenge: preserving Western civilization and American constitutional Republicanism.”

Take the time to read his concise but compelling post here.

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