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2012 Election Richard Falknor on 01 Nov 2012 07:08 pm

Tea Party Express Chief Flies In To Endorse Bongino,Timmerman

TPE chief Amy Kremer, Blaine Young, Ken Timmerman

(Update — scroll to bottom for videos.) Tea Party Express (TPE) chief Amy Kremer conducted an enthusiastic rally at lunchtime today at Chik-fil-A in Frederick, Maryland in behalf of Dan Bongino the GOP candidate for United States Senator, and Ken Timmerman the Republican challenger running against Democratic incumbent Chris Van Hollen in Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District.

TPE declares – –

“Propelled by millions of Tea Party supporters across the country, Tea Party Express has become the most aggressive and influential national Tea Party group in the political arena. We are committed to identifying and supporting conservative candidates and causes that will champion tea party values and return our country to the Constitutional principles that have made America the ‘shining city on a hill.’”

Eighth Now A Competitive District

Long-time investigative reporter and author Timmerman explained – –

“The Tea Party Express organizers told us that they picked my challenge to out-of-touch career politician Chris Van Hollen because they consider Maryland’s 8th District to be a competitive race.”

Amy Kremer and Dan Bongino

Less Government, More Citizen Control

Former Secret Service agent Bongino pitched patient-centered health reform decrying Obamacare.  He underscored the importance of parental choice in education pointing to his own experience where parochial schools had given him a lifelong command of the language.

Frederick County Commissioners president (and gubernatorial candidate) Blaine Young introduced Timmerman who related the positive feedback he had received from Montgomery County Democrats in early voting.

Both Dan Bongino and Ken Timmerman are highly presentable candidates for the next Congress.  They represent a newer Maryland GOP face and send a sophisticated message of reform. The 2012 election could well begin a game change for Maryland — as well as result in a national repudiation of the current president. Consequently Maryland conservative networks should put forth their maximum effort for these two promising challengers over the next four days.

 UPDATE NOVEMBER 2! See two videos by AIM chairman Don Irvine here (Amy Kremer endorsing Ken Timmerman) and here (Blaine Young explains why Timmerman will be a strong voice in Washington, D. C. that “won’t quit.”)




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