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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 02 Nov 2012 12:33 pm

MAY 8: WORTH REVISITING AS SERIOUS HEARINGS BEGIN! Benghazigate: VA Republican Demands Immediate Public Scrutiny; Details Firing of General And Admiral Ordering Rescue

“I am fully aware that this request [for immediate action “to demand answers”] comes at a very inconvenient time as we are on the eve of an historic election. But it was also very inconvenient for the 4 men to die on September 11 when they could have, and should have, been easily saved that day, but for the cowardice displayed by the White House.” –Lind Open Letter

Howie Lind, widely respected northern Virginia Republican and former chairman of the Virginia 10th Congressional District, sent an “open letter” today to the Commonwealth’s governor, Representative Frank Wolf, and two Virginia state legislators.

Click here for the full text of Lind’s open letter entitled “White House Cover-up of the Events Surrounding the Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.”

Navy veteran Lind spelled out his understanding of the efforts of military commanders to aid Americans in peril in Benghazi – –

“Could we have sent in US military forces to save them in time? Yes indeed.

 In fact, they were on the way until they were recalled.

At 30 minutes into the attack, the US Military Commander in charge of that part of the world, four-star General Carter Ham, the Commander of the African Command, based in Stuttgart, Germany, issued the response orders. He directed that US Navy jets be launched from USS John Stennis, the aircraft carrier on station in the middle east. These planes would have easily reached Benghazi to take out enough of the barbarians to stymie the attack on the Consulate.

But these planes were recalled, so they never reached Benghazi. I learned this from a retired Army General whom I know in McLean. (Retired Generals and Admirals have the tightest network of any group you will ever know.) Once the planes were launched, General Ham was directed by the White House to call off the response. He refused. Then the White House called the Navy Admiral in charge of the USS Stennis Battle Group, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, to call back the planes. He also refused. Both General Ham and Admiral Gaouette were immediately relieved of their commands. They were fired. In General Ham’s case, his 2-star Deputy entered his office and said ‘you are under arrest.’ This is a script for a bad Hollywood movie.

Don’t take my word for this. Call General Ham and Admiral Gaouette and ask them yourselves what happened. If you google their names, you will see vague descriptions in the press saying how they were relieved from command for unspecified reasons. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, even states that General Ham was relieved in the normal course of duty, and that General Ham also agreed that US forces were too far away to have any effect on the attack. Both are knowingly false statements by Secretary Panetta.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

Faithful readers will recall our June 2011 post entitled Independent Journalists Ask About Panetta’s Far Leftist Ties.

Concluded Lind –

My request to you is to take immediate action as best you see fit. Calling General Ham and Admiral Gauoette and asking them to join you in a press conference to allow them to tell their stories is one possibility. Their careers are ruined so they have nothing to hide. The other great casualty in all of this is that our national media decided to keep their head in the sand throughout this scandal in hopes of protecting President Obama through the election. This is another reason to unleash your powers of office in an expeditious manner.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

We certainly agree.  Whether raising the many concerns arising from the Benghazi scandal are ‘approved talking points’ for any campaign, these grave matters — affecting our basic security right now, as well as in the future —  far transcend mere  tactics.

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