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2012 Election Richard Falknor on 06 Nov 2012 10:22 am

UPDATED! Daniel Horowitz Today Predicts “295-243 Romney Victory”

UPDATE NOVEMBER 6! A presumably final (and clinical) pre-election perspective today from Transom editor Ben Domenech – – “I stand by my prediction of a narrow Romney victory through a Midwestern path.  http://vlt.tc/jzw That being said, the overwhelmingly likely scenario according to the polling data today, accepted at face value, is a narrow Romney electoral vote loss, a Senate where Republicans pick up one or perhaps two seats, and a House where they pick up 4-6 seats. Should that be the result of the evening, I expect the long knives to come out rapidly in rejection of the viewpoint he represents from the perspective of the conservative base. Their most ideologically confrontational elected officials, House Republicans, will not have been rebuffed at all. Instead, they will look at Romney’s closing argument – a unifying message of uplift, bipartisanship emphasized in even the ruby red counties, with a ‘bring everyone together’ message – as one that was out of touch with the rough and tumble times and only delivered because of Romney’s own crippling defects as a candidate. The questions will be obvious: How is it possible that Republicans nominated the one person in their party unable to criticize Obamacare? How is it possible they chose someone who had to climb out of the deepest hole of unpopularity in order to even compete? How did they nominate someone in a time of demographic transition least capable of appealing to non-white voters?”

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Top Madison Project analyst (and Marylander) Daniel Horowitz declares – –

“The punditry, analysis, and ‘who was right horse race talk’ is secondary.  Moreover, the real fight for our country will begin in earnest when Congress returns next week, irrespective of who wins the election.  We are committed to fighting for limited government, free markets, an America-first foreign policy, and traditional American values here at the Madison Project.  That is something that will not change with the outcome of the elections.”

With that said, I’m predicting a 295-243 Romney victory.”

Read it all to see key state details, and click on Horowitz’ map below.

Cautioned Horowitz: “… I recognize, as all my colleagues do, that this is a very murky pre-election period.  Anything could happen.  As conservatives, we must be prepared for any result.”

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