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2012 Election Richard Falknor on 10 Nov 2012 07:53 pm

UPDATED! Neil Parrott’s [Spurned] Neglected Gift To A [Willfully Deaf] Confused GOP

UPDATE NOVEMBER 11!  For the record:  two of our sources, one at the state level, one reflecting conversations with her county committee, believed that the Maryland GOP did not take a position on Questions 4, 5, 6, and 7 leaving the matter of endorsement (or not) to county committees; after press time yesterday, we heard from another solid voice that the state GOP did take a position against Questions 4, 5, and 6 leaving only Question 7 on gambling expansion to the county committees for endorsement (or not).  These are all good-faith reports from careful Maryland Republicans. One friend of the Maryland GOP leadership emailed today pointing to a button entitled “Repeal O’Malley’s Laws” on the state website as evidence that the state GOP opposed Questions 4, 5, and 6. Our take is that this link to a different website is no substitute for a clear GOP website statement that “The Maryland GOP Urges You to Vote Against Questions, 4, 5, and 6.” Later today, the state chairman declared the “MDGOP absolutely did officially vote to oppose Questions 4, 5 and 6.” (Highlighting Forum’s.) We certainly accept the chairman’s report about the official vote. But there was clearly confusion among the faithful about the state GOP’s position. Was the executive committee vote a secret of state? Far more important than this inside baseball: how much did the Maryland GOP visibly campaign against Question 4 (‘Dream Act’) and Question 6 (same-sex marriage) during the time running up to last Tuesday? || Readers, don’t forget Veterans Day this November 11!

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The dominant wing of the Maryland state GOP leadership failed, by not taking a position on any of this November’s statewide ballot questions, [effectively] to support the repeal of the Maryland “Dream Act” (Question 4) and the repeal of same-sex marriage (Question 6) referred to the voters by grass-roots conservatives.

They thereby showed how deaf they are to their base who can reach out to a much wider and more likely market.

In presumably deep-blue Maryland, a political cross section of citizens of the Old Line State opposed the illegal-immigration-friendly “Dream Act” and the same-sex marriage law. 

These citizens successfully petitioned the two measures (Questions 4 and 6) to referendum (along with the “Congressional Districting Plan” –Question 5) on this month’s general-election ballot.

These successful petition drives, enabled by delegate Neil Parrott’s imagination and software, were grass-roots conservative efforts. 

Had the Maryland GOP leadership chosen to embrace and support them [effectively], they would have helped extend the GOP’s credibility and influence to working-class Maryland, and to African-American Maryland.

They would also have reached out to a faith-based community which had become estranged from the GOP during former governor Bob Ehrlich’s time in office.

Instead, the state party leadership crawled into its shell and chose to take no position on any of the ballot issuesthereby giving [gave] no [effective] institutional support to the repeal of these two measures — Questions 4 and 6 – on the November ballot.

In our view, [very visible] full-fledged endorsement of repeal by the state GOP would certainly have resulted in a rejection of the same-sex marriage law and probably the Maryland “Dream Act” as well.

In the event, the same-sex marriage law (Question 6) was approved by a small percentage of voters, and the Maryland “Dream Act” (Question 4) by a somewhat larger one.  Click here, and note here to see that Prince Georges County rejected same-sex marriage.

Gambling Expansion Takes Precedence Over Protecting Society’s Institutions

“Lotteries constitute an implicit tax similar to excise taxes on goods like cigarettes and alcohol. They are generally considered poor tax policy because they are regressive, not transparent to taxpayers, and aren’t neutral and therefore distort economic behavior.” – – Tax Foundation

Instead, a number of GOP state legislators very visibly supported the gambling-expansion initiative on the general election ballot.

They were:  state senators David Brinkley, Richard Colburn, George Edwards, Joseph Getty, J. B. Jennings, and delegates Wendell Beitzel, Robert Costa, Richard Impallaria, Michael McDermott, and Leroy Myers. 

In a mailer entitled “These Republicans Put Question 7 on the Ballot”, they wrote —

“We worked hard with our Republican colleagues to craft a gaming bill that would insure the long term viability of the gaming industry in Maryland….”


The “gaming industry” – what a euphemism! — generates a tax on poor people in addition to the heavy social costs it engenders.  

Running from Illegal Immigration

Maryland is already a sanctuary state.  Encouraging more illegal immigrants runs public costs way up

Illegal (and some legal) immigrants moreover often bring with them a culture of strong governmentalism.

Revealed Heather MacDonald (NRO) last Wednesday —

  • “It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation.”
  • “The demographic changes set into motion by official and de facto immigration policy favoring low-skilled over high-skilled immigrants mean that a Republican party that purports to stand for small government and free markets faces an uncertain future.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The Costs of Ignoring the Attack on the Traditional Family Structure

Same-sex marriage in Maryland has nothing to do with “fairness” and everything to do with the eventual destruction of marriage and the traditional family. In addition to the foregoing link, click here and here.

Liberty-oriented Americans, moreover, understand that same-sex marriage is a grave threat to free speech and to our religious liberties.

Here are lamentable Maryland adumbrations of what will come.

Where Do the Loyalties of These GOP Leaders Lie? Where Are Their Hearts?

And what exactly do conservatives have in common with this dominant wing of the Maryland GOP leadership?

Today we see Old Line State conservatives seeking an alternative voice to a Republican party that opposes only some tax hikes (chiefly Democratic ones), that is deaf to its base, that flees its responsibilities for strengthening our culture and our freedom, that has recklessly increased the state’s pension burden, and two of whose leading figures felt free to endorse — without a word of apology — one of the most dangerous of president Obama’s appointments.

Will conservatives be there in 2014 when the Maryland GOP comes looking for campaign volunteers and money?

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