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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 14 Nov 2012 08:41 am

An Essential Video: Shariah’s Menace, Right Now, Here and Abroad

Click here for a riveting live-streamed discussion held yesterday in Washington, D. C., entitled “Benghazi: US Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine.”

You will hear from three articulate and courageous experts, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Diana West, and Stephen Coughlin, who spoke not  just about the Benghazi disaster but about the current influence of Shariah on our public discourse, on our military, on our foreign policy, on Republican and conservative lawmakers and groups, and on the lives of many Christians abroad as well as the safety of Israel.

We tried to pick out especially useful extracts for busy readers, but the three talks are so information-rich that a handful of selections wouldn’t do the job.

However enthralling, the growing national theater about the lives of generals David Petraeus and John Allen (click here for Bill Gertz’ take) should not distract us from the wider significance of Benghazi and the sway of Shariah over that event and our government here at home.

One piece of good news:  Dr. Bostom’s review of polling data (1:28 on video) show that regular Americans ‘get it’ about the Islamist danger even if too many ‘conservatives’, and the leftist elites do not.

Listen to it all (click here).  Trust us: you will find the three speakers gripping.

A Very Large Mosque Coming to Maryland’s Howard County?

Faithful readers know we have chronicled (click here) questionable connections between some Virginia Republicans and Islamists.

Last Sunday, Creeping Sharia (click here) in their Maryland: “Largest Islamic Project in America…could change landscape for years to come”

quoted Arthur Hirsch (Baltimore Sun)

“Leaders of the Dar-us-Salaam community in College Park have been looking for years for a new home, a place for a school and a mosque close enough to be convenient for members living in several counties. They’ve scouted hundreds of spots and looked closely at a handful, and now they think they’ve found what they’ve been looking for in the rural western section of Howard County.”

Creeping Sharia then asked —

“How will this small congregation afford an $8 million dollar tract of land, and how did they negotiate a $2 million dollars discount? At least one video on Youtube is soliciting funds from Indonesia.”

The Potomac Tea Party Report urged action commenting–

“Readers, after the results of the recent election, if you plan to stay and continue to live in Maryland you will need to become guerrilla warriors and learn to fight without any help from the establishment elected Republicans or from the Maryland GOP.  They will run, tail between their legs, from a project like this one.

If those of you who live near this monster project want to preserve your quality of life don’t wait for any political help, but organize, use the Maryland Public Information Act to get every bit of information out of your planning department there in Howard County.  Start right now on that project!

Investigate all those connected with the mosque project (Muslim promoters and the politicians involved) and expose whatever you find.  Set up a special website to report what you uncover because it’s unlikely that the major media will report anything controversial.” (Underscoring and italics in original).

Stay alert and stay tuned!


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