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Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 29 Nov 2012 07:27 pm

Ex-Romney Rainmaker Peddles Big-Time Immigration To GOP

Last Tuesday, Daniel Horowitz (MadisonProject) commented about a Politico post announcing a super PAC “Republicans for Immigration Reform” 

“On the surface, this is nothing new.  There are plenty of Republicans who are running scared and are of the opinion that support for half-baked amnesty will somehow win over the Hispanic vote in a bidding war.  However, what is new here is the fact that the man who ran ads bashing Rick Perry on immigration in the primary is now starting a group that is advocating more amnesty than Perry ever supported.

We’ve seen this pattern on numerous occasions.  Moderate Republicans find ways to surreptitiously get to the right of their more conservative competitors in the primaries, while dropping those views as soon as they become inconvenient.  This is what we’re up against with the Republican consultant class.  It’s all scheming and gaming; there are no core beliefs with these people.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

We differ slightly with analyst Horowitz. We believe the consultant class generally reflects the Beltway Perspective of the social sea in which they swim.  In this sense, they may possibly have ‘core’ beliefs. Of course, many take care not to let any such beliefs get in the way of day-to-day election tactics.

According to the Politico Influence (PI) column (scroll down in preceding link)

“Charlie Spies, who helped launch pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future and served as Romney’s 2008 campaign general counsel, tells PI that Republicans for Immigration Reform — a newly filed super PAC for which he’s serving as treasurer — has big plans for the next couple of years.

‘It is a super PAC that will support pro-comprehensive immigration reform Republicans, including in primary elections when they are attacked for supporting comprehensive immigration reform,’ Spies wrote in an email to PI, noting that the group, which formally filed federal organizational documents last week, hasn’t yet established firm fundraising goals.

Former Bush administration Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is leading the group ‘and it is still in the formation stage,’ Spies said. ‘The group will provide support to Republican leaders — like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Speaker [John] Boehner — who work for a comprehensive solution that can put Republicans back on offense with the immigration issue.’”(Bolding in original)

 Jim Robb (NumbersUSA) warned in a money-raising email today —

“They have teamed up to form a new super-PAC to try to buy lawmakers’ support for amnesty. The good news is that most of our allies in both parties in Congress won re-election and you can influence them to reject the bait.

Washington lawyer Charlie Spies raised over $100 million for Mitt Romney in the last election. He’s working with former Bush [Commerce] Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to target our allies in Congress! Together, they intend to convince Republicans that the way to start winning elections is by selling out the American public and granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

‘This is not small ball,’ Gutierrez said. ‘We’re serious, and we are going to push the debates on immigration reform to a place where I believe the Republican Party should be in the 21st century.’”

Does anyone believe that these moves would not be underway even if governor Romney had won?

Didn’t someone say that conservatives were in an abusive relationship with the national GOP?

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