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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 10 Dec 2012 07:34 am

UPDATED! Can a Saving GOP Remnant Induce Speaker John Boehner To Correct Course?


  • David Sherfinski (WT) reports“House Speaker John A. Boehner is facing increasing pressure as several rebellious Republicans hinted that they won’t vote to re-elect him to run the chamber, and a conservative interest group announced a bid to recruit someone else to run against him for the speakership.
  • ”Ned Ryun (RedState) asks “If Not Boehner, Then Who? We Have Options: Price, Jordan, and Hensarling Could Attract Enough Support.”

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Can a Saving GOP Remnant Induce Speaker John Boehner To Correct Course?

In weaving their story that Obama alone is the catalyst of our crisis, the Republican establishment counts on the constitutional illiteracy of the electorate. The inescapable fact, however, is that all taxing and spending bills enacted by the federal government must originate in the House. The GOP’s all purpose abdication mantra, ‘We’re only one-half of one-third of the government,’ would be laughable if our straits were not so dire. When was the last time you heard the left-leaning bloc of Supreme Court justices say, ‘We can’t impose our policy preferences on the country. After all, we’re only one-half of one-third of the government’? When was the last time President Obama restrained himself from issuing executive orders conferring, say, privileges on illegal aliens, by explaining that he is only is only one-third of the government (a third, mind you, with zero constitutional authority to confer anything).” – Andrew C. McCarthy (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Last Thursday, Billy House (National Journal) asked (click here) in his “Could Boehner’s Reelection as Speaker Be in Doubt? The loss of just 17 GOP votes in the House could make the difference” –

“Think Congress is dysfunctional during these fiscal-cliff negotiations? What if John Boehner can’t even get enough House Republican votes next month to be reelected as speaker?

Far-fetched? Perhaps. But at least one conservative group says Boehner’s hold on the speaker’s gavel should not be viewed as a done deal. It is launching an all-out effort aimed at about 100 House Republicans to see if it can find at least 17 of them angry enough, and bold enough, to block Boehner’s reelection when the new Congress commences on Jan. 3.

‘With Boehner basically out there promoting a tax hike and removing conservatives from key committees, these are not good precedents for the next two years,’ Ned Ryun, whose father, Jim Ryun, was a representative for Kansas, complained to National Journal on Thursday.

Ned Ryun is president and CEO of American Majority, a Virginia-based group that says it has trained thousands of conservative activists and also says that it embraces but predates the tea party movement. He is getting attention with a blog he posted on Wednesday—not so much because he says Boehner should be fired as speaker, but because he says the conservative movement could actually accomplish that goal under House rules and that it does not have to be a ‘fairy-tale’ wish.”

Click here for Ned Ryun’s RedState post “Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner.” 

If the speaker must go, we agree with Ryun’s nomination for a replacement – –

“Congressmen Jim Jordan of Ohio would be my pick. He just finished leading the Republican Study Committee and proposed the best budget we’ve seen come out of Congress.”

Faithful readers will recall the likely GOP-leadership-inspired attack on the Republican Study Committee in July of 2011. Click here and scroll down to read the details of that disgraceful incident.

Last Wednesday we suggested

“[A] national conversation now among conservatives (before January) about whether the core of House GOP conservatives should vote ‘present’ when the House selects its Speaker on January 3 — unless the House GOP leadership commits to continuing opposition (using the House’s appropriations power) to the president’s program and commits to sharing key leadership positions with conservatives.”

GOP Dhimmitude? Or Will Boehner Protect Us From A ‘Transformed’ America?

This is not simply a question of Mr. Boehner and his team refusing higher taxes this month as they struggle with what the Wall Street Journal editorial staff this morning calls the ‘Republican Tax Panic.’

It is a matter of defanging by defunding Obamacare.

It is a question of using the constitutional money and investigative powers of the House of Representatives to rein in the president’s job-killing regulatory agenda

It is a matter of reining in or stopping the spread of the president’s schools agenda, his suburbs agenda, what may be his anti-gun agenda, and whatever other schemes of the American Left he may advance to touch our personal liberties.

And not least — it is a matter of putting our national security on a much firmer foundation.

Readers will recall Mark Levin’s question below to the Mr. Boehner of last July when the Speaker did not seem to be able to grasp the danger of Muslim Brotherhood penetration into our government:

“I have a question for John Boehner and it is simple:  do you stand with the Muslim Brotherhood or do you stand with Michele Bachmann?”

Click here for our post last July on this lamentable lapse of the GOP Congressional leadership.

Of course, to halt or to begin to roll back the White House agenda, the House GOP leadership must engage (until the 2014 elections) in two years of continuing and (one hopes savvy) confrontations with a vengeful White House owning a big megaphone. 

No doubt, the current House GOP leadership will complain that the ‘respectable’ media and the government class will set new records in demonizing their opponents if the GOP leadership joins in serious battle with the president.

We understand we didn’t elect Winston Churchills to the House last November, but GOP members must do their best to rise to his tenacity (‘never give in’) if our culture and our economy are even to be recognizable after the next two or three years.  As the British Prime Minister said in 1941 – –

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

And all this talk of waiting until the election of the next GOP president is simply a devastating surrender to those who wish to ‘transform America’ permanently and possibly can do so.

As constitution expert and former Federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy said last month – –

“We’ve now seen enough to draw a conclusion: the Republican Party says what it believes must be said to entice conservative votes at election time, but it is not remotely serious about implementing limited government policies or dealing with the two central challenges of our age, existentially threatening deficit spending and Islamic supremacism.”

The House GOP leadership must correct course right away. 

Widespread public discussion starting today among conservatives about the Speaker’s re-election seems to us a sovereign way to get the Boehner Team to concentrate on doing just that.






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