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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 07 Jan 2013 10:56 pm

Correcting the GOP Course: Waiting For Primaries Isn’t Enough

The MSM and less slanted outlets today paint a picture of a nominally Republican House of Representatives leadership alternatively circling the wagons and lashing out at their principle-driven conservative members.

Our friend Daniel Horowitz (Madison Project) is likely among the best of today’s conservative legislative analysts. Today he treats us (click here) to another report of a House GOP notable putting so-called bipartisanship and deal-making ahead of our freedom and prosperity.

Reveals Horowitz —

“If we really believe that Obamacare is the motherload of all entitlements;  that it will create permanent dependency for tens of millions of Americans; that it will induce unsustainable inflationary pressure on the cost of healthcare and health insurance; that it will saddle the next generation with crippling debt, why would we ever stop fighting it?
Unfortunately, it appears that many within the GOP have surrendered the field to this new leviathan.  Republicans failed to even make the Obamacare tax hikes – the most unpopular part of the law – an issue during the tax negotiations.  So what is in store for the next Congress?
Well, here is what Jack Kingston (R-GA), the incoming chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee on healthcare, had to say about the law:
“‘I don’t want to go in there saying, ‘By golly, there’s a new sheriff in town,’ the Savannah resident told POLITICO. ‘Obamacare has been the law of the land, and it is getting implemented. We have to work in that context.’” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Kicking the Political Can Down The Road

After the ‘fiscal cliff,’ Mark Steyn suggests it may already be too late for ‘course correction.’ 

With Obamacare being implemented, if we wait until some possible conservative  victories in the 2014 Congressional primaries, then hope such victories continue in the 2014 Congressional general election, this without additional action right now could amount to capitulation.

And the Beltway GOP’s effective suppression of the mandate of the November 2, 2010 election should be a warning to all conservatives.

Movement Action Now — A Reinvigorated Tea Party — Primary Action Later

We suggest that the 2009 and 2010 Tea Party techniques of protest, and of local as well as national demonstrationsbut focussed now on House GOP members who are losing their way or who never quite found it  — may over a period of several weeks begin to concentrate the minds of these members. They are, in our view, are just as sensitive to shaming as any other group of Americans.

The job for Tea Partiers today is to reacquaint errant House GOP members with the views of their solid Tea Party citizens in the member’s constituency — face to face, at the Rotary and Lions Clubs, at Chambers of Commerce, at local town meetings, on local radio shows, and at — and in front of — the GOP member’s district offices. 

Members may be sensitive to what their GOP colleagues say to them in the House gym. 

They should also become concerned about what folks will say to them at their own local country clubs or golf courses or tennis courts or churches. Does the good Mr. Kingston, for example, see any connection between Obamacare and religious freedom?

How many conservatives in Savannah’s suburbs – how many physicians, for that matter — know that their own Jack Kingston has absolutely no intention of upsetting the Washington, D. C. applecart over Obamacare?

In sum —

  • The House GOP majority is the only constitutional barrier we have to slow down the Obama Administration and prevent likely additional ‘executive action’ to curtail our freedom;
  • But the House GOP leadership is, to put it charitably, without a deep policy foundation;
  • Therefore too many House GOP members aren’t likely to improve unless the conservative grass roots and Tea Partiers in their own districts call them publicly to account now — not tug their forelocks and shuffle their feet when they meet their member at county GOP meetings.
  • Errant House GOP members must become as responsive to the conservative core in their districts as they now are to the House GOP leadership and the cluster of lobbyists who pull that member’s strings.
  • Tea Partiers and grass-roots activists must take the time to explain to their more traditional GOP friends how badly the GOP leadership has let them  — and the country — down. It is not because this leadership is evil but because they never took their own conservative campaign talk seriously, never let it get in the way of a ‘deal,’ and — most immediately relevant — have not yet grasped that they will have to do a much different kind of business with a revolutionary chief executive having a highly disciplined Hard Left movement behind him.

We’ll be posting on individual cases — closer to home — of House GOP members lost in ‘policy’ space. 

We’ll be asking about Virginia Tea Parties and whether they are calling members of the House GOP leadership to account. 

We’ll be asking how many Maryland and Virginia Tea Parties demanded that GOP members get behind the initiative of Michele Bachmann last summer to investigate Muslim Brotherhood penetration into our government. Will conservative activists now insist their House members back such an investigation after the Benghazi tragedy?

We’ll also be inquiring what Maryland and Virginia Tea Partiers are suggesting to their friends in the House about the current debt-ceiling controversy.  

More to come!

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