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Fiscal Policy Richard Falknor on 26 Jan 2013 10:08 pm

Grass-roots Leader to VA GOP Lawmakers: Think Outside the Box

Long-time Virginia conservative GOP activist Mike Giere wrote (click here) this afternoon to all  Virginia GOP delegates and state senators —

to express my deep concern over the current proposal by the Governor to replace the gas tax with a higher general sales tax.
I believe that this proposal is wrong for Virginia, wrong for taxpayers and wrong for our Party.
It fundamentally breaks a bond of fiscal responsibility that has been at the core of conservative politics for generations. It confounds a public that is looking for leadership – not gimmicks. And it will hurt a fragile economy by shifting a significantly higher tax burden to average Virginia families who can afford it least.” (Emphasis in original.)

Former Reagan appointee Giere “challenged” the state lawmakers —

“…to look at ‘out of the box’ answers to grow the economy of our Commonwealth. The empirical evidence is very clear; if we did away with the individual income tax and replaced the revenue with a higher general sales tax, and did away with business income and licensing taxes replacing them with a business ‘asset’   tax — we could dominate the mid-Atlantic economically, providing the rich soil of freedom and responsibility for job and income growth, and economic expansion for a new generation. “ (Emphasis in original.)

Even More Thoughts Outside The Box

Some two weeks ago, we wrote in our McDonnell Tax Scheme: Too Many Moving Parts, Open Questions?

“Instead of  advancing tax proposals to make Virginia more competitive — such as eliminating the state corporate  tax [click on foregoing link] and thereby bring more real prosperity and consequently tax revenue to the Commonwealth — we are this week given a meretricious package that advertises no gas tax, but increases the state sales tax and adds an additional tax (‘fee increase’) for car owners.” 

and pointed to —

Richard Falknor@highblueridge  “Two Governors Propose Radical Tax Reform” to eliminate their state personal, corporate incomes taxes.  Steve Malanga (MI) http://tinyurl.com/a9dlmt3

In the end, of course, Virginia GOP lawmakers must decide whether they are business-friendly or market-friendly. 

James Pethokoukis (Reuters) defined the difference

“Yet while a pro-business agenda may intersect at points with a pro-market one, they are not the same thing. Pro-market public policies make markets function fairer and more efficiently for everyone. They encourage competition and ‘creative destruction’ and entrepreneurial capitalism. Pro-business policies often shift taxpayer money and other government goodies to favored companies, raise barriers to entry and otherwise defend the status quo.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

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