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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 30 Jan 2013 04:58 pm

Dick Morris Spotlights The Toxic “House GOP Con Game”

A number of conservative blogs and figures including ourselves have been writing about the flawed House GOP leadership. 

But today Dick Morris explains how this leadership has evolved into a ‘con game’ — and details the mechanics of the ‘con.’

Click here to listen to Dick Morris.

In sum,  Morris explains, the Speaker is no longer a Republican Speaker but a Coalition (or Collaborationist? -ed) Speaker.  John Boehner brings measures to the floor (click here) that the House passes with Democratic votes and a core of Boehner loyalists who, Morris suggests, must go along or lose their committee chairmanships.

Of course, this arrangement leaves many rank-and-file Republican members free to vote against the bigger-government-measure-of-the-week, knowing it will pass with Democratic and Boehner-loyalist votes. 

We say “free to vote” because, like the Speaker and his core of loyalists, many Republican members also fear a serious confrontation with the Obama Administration. Consequently they need to be sure the bigger-government-measure has enough votes to pass — so they can “safely” vote against it and not bring on a much dreaded Obama confrontation.

In the judgment of careful Congress-watcher Daniel Horowitz (MadisonProject) —

“[T]he entire structure of committee chairmen, leadership posts, and party spokesmen are filled with the ranks of those who don’t believe in conservatism, are incapable of articulating it, or too scared to pursue it.  The majority of the conference stands with them.”

Our take is that, with the right leadership, most GOP members instinctively incline toward conservatism, but need substantial help in articulating it.

And a strong GOP leadership will get them over their fear.

However, apparently many Republican members — while trepid about confronting the Obama Administration — don’t fear a confrontation with the GOP’s conservative base.

And perhaps with good reason. 

At least in Maryland and Virginia, we have not seen Tea Partiers publicly take the House GOP leadership to task. (If we have missed any such principled grass-roots actions, we should be happy to learn about and write about them.)

What puzzles us is this: What do Mr. Boehner, his loyalists, and his rank-and-file GOP enablers hope to gain? 

Do they really believe their irenic course of action will bring them victory in the 2014 Congressional elections?  If they are not victorious, there go all those committee and subcommittee chairs to the Other Team.

Does the Speaker hope the Obamamedia will crown him with a statesman’s mantle when he retires for effectively suppressing the influence of the ‘radical Tea Party’ among House Republicans? (In this case, the Obamamedia might just come through.)

A more basic question — do House GOP members really think they can cut reliable deals with revolutionaries and radicals?

Do they believe Leviathan can be dismantled by waiting for electoral victories sometime in the future? Or do they simply wish someday they will have a turn at managing the Giant State itself?

The GOP Base knows something is terribly wrong.

But labeling the House GOP “the stupid party” is too often a substitute for serious thought.

What we suspect is that life inside the House GOP Club – the Bubble – leads to herd-think and discourages frequent conservative or libertarian exchanges that could enrich the anemic House GOP orthodoxy. 

Don’t think that the Obamamedia does not both influence and intimidate many GOP members. And GOP-friendly lobbyists constantly reinforce the GOP leadership’s daily messages.

Grass-roots conservatives have now been warned by many sources.  Why not have a heart-to-heart with those GOP members you can reach?

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