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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 06 Feb 2013 08:51 pm

Investigate ‘Current TV’ Sale to Al Jazeera? House GOP Quails “No”

CLICK to make image larger. Left, Representative Michael McCaul; right, Representative Steve Scalise. (Graphic, courtesy America’s Survival)

UPDATE! See video of Pamela Geller at Conference on Al Jazeera (Click Here To Watch and Listen to Part 3) Geller: “You have got to slow this transaction down. You have got to make it very very hard for them. You have got to force this issue to be examined.  Your elected officials . . . are not looking after you. It is incumbent on you to fight this fight.”

America’s Survival chief Cliff Kincaid reports “we had a packed room at the National Press Club” yesterday on his conference “Stop Al Jazeera’s Blood Money Oil Deal With Al Gore” for Current TV.

And click here for America’s Survival video with Jerry Kenney and Kincaid previewing the conference with their lucid and hard-hitting exposition of the dangers of this lamentable transaction.

Last Thursday, seasoned investigator Kincaid revealed in his “Congress Fails to Act Against Gore’s Terror TV Deal” – –

“Despite this looming threat and questions about the legality of the purchase, conservative members of Congress are silent. In the House, supposedly under Republican control, an aide to Rep. Michael McCaul, newly appointed chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says he does not want the ‘agenda’ of the committee driven by the hundreds of Americans calling his office at 202-226-8417 and requesting an investigation of Al Jazeera’s terrorist ties.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Long-time journalist Kincaid added – –

“A hearing into this deal would make things difficult for McCaul and other Republicans who want to pursue a bipartisan agenda and do not want to irritate Obama and the Democrats. The co-owners of Current TV, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, are prominent Democrats, and another investor in the company, Richard Blum, is the husband of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Why Do House GOP Leaders Fear Investigating The Islamists?

And today here read “House Conservative Leader Gives Al Jazeera Deal a Pass” – –

Conservatives had been asking Scalise to support an investigation on the grounds that a foreign-funded channel based in the Middle East, with a reputation for airing terrorist propaganda, should be examined for its ties to terrorist groups.
Foreigners are entitled to First Amendment protections in the United States, except when they run afoul of existing laws and engage in criminal or terrorist activities.
By offering the First Amendment excuse in favor of the deal, Scalise is ignoring the evidence that Al Jazeera is not a legitimate news operation but rather a conduit for propaganda from terrorist groups, with whom it has intimate and ongoing relations.”

Kincaid provides some darker context – –

“Despite these outstanding legal questions, Scalise, the top conservative leader in the House, doesn’t even want an investigation of the deal. ‘Who got to him?’ is the question being asked by conservatives.
It is a known fact that Big Oil interests in the U.S.-Qatar Business Council are very powerful on Capitol Hill, and that the regime and/or Al Jazeera have used expensive public relations firms to lobby Congress and the federal government, and manipulate the press. These firms include Barbour Griffith Rogers, Fenton Communications, and Qorvis Communications.
Another law being ignored in the Al Jazeera case is CFIUS, named for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. When the Chinese bought AMC movie theaters last year, they went through CFIUS. Al Jazeera has decided, apparently with the acquiescence of the Obama Administration, that it can ignore the law.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

More On The Legal Questions

In an interview here with Ryan Mauro, Kincaid declares – –

The hearings should examine why Al-Jazeera’s current broadcasts into the U.S. are not being labeled by cable and satellite providers as foreign propaganda under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and why public television stations are turning their broadcast time over to Al Jazeera and other foreign channels, in violation of Federal Communications Commission rules.”  (Highlighting Forum’s.)

and notes – –

“We have not called for those broadcasts to be banned, only labeled as the foreign propaganda they are. But Al-Jazeera’s purchase of a cable television channel in the U.S., in order to get carriage in 40-50 million homes, is unprecedented and devious, since it had no success getting on those cable systems on its own merit.
What’s more, the deal was not reported to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) of the Treasury Department, in violation of the law.  Holding hearings does not necessarily disqualify the purchase. But we have a right to know why the law is not being enforced, and whether new laws are needed to monitor and restrict enemy propaganda activities on U.S. soil.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Readers may wish to refer to the original group letter to Representative Michael McCaul asking for hearings – – click here for the background, and click  here for the text.  The following is an excerpt, but best to read it all – –

“January 9, 2013 The Honorable Michael McCaul Chairman,Committee on Homeland Security, U. S. House of Representatives, H2-176 Ford House Office Building, Washington, D. C. 20515 Dear Chairman McCaul: We respectfully request that the House Homeland Security Committee convene hearings into the national security threat posed by Al Jazeera on American soil. The announcement that the Qatar-funded enemy propaganda channel, which has functioned as a voice for Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, has taken over an existing U.S.-based cable TV channel, Current TV, must be examined by the Congress.”

Pamela Geller electrified the Press Club room full of bloggers and activists urging them to get their House members right on the Al Jazeera case. 

Below, Maryland Conservative Action Network (MDCAN) leader Catharine Trauernicht (click to enlarge) touches base with the publisher of Atlas Shrugs.    See video of Pamela Geller at Conference on Al Jazeera (Click here to watch and listen to Part 3).

Stay tuned to see whether some courageous House member will urge hearings on this redolent deal!



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