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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 11 Mar 2013 09:48 am

UPDATED! House GOP Leadership Seen Bare; Will The Grass Roots Now Push Back On Immigration & Gun Control?

  • March 12! Michael Hammond warns “We’re Hanging from the Cliff—and the Hastert Rule is the Rope” – “Two news items should shock even Republicans into awareness of potential doom:
    • The first, news reports that the ‘Gang of 8’ has reached agreement on the ‘path to citizenship’ . . . .
    • The second, an announcement by House Speaker John Boehner on a Sunday talk show that the House would ‘consider’ any gun control approved by the Democratic Senate (whatever ‘consider’ means).
The last-ditch solution to both of these Armageddon scenarios is the same: the Hastert Rule, which prevents House consideration of any bill not supported by a majority of the Republican caucus — currently, 117 Republicans. Whatever the media has convinced John McCain to do, surely 117 House Republicans would oppose allowing the GOP to commit suicide.” Hammond explains – “Fortunately, it turns out that such a letter already exists on guns: It is the Stockman-Broun letter to invoke the Hastert Rule on any gun control. And, although the Stockman-Broun letter is picking up steam, it still does not have obvious signatures from people like Michele Bachmann and Steve King.” Read the entire Hammond post  (Highlighting Forum’s throughout updates.)
  • MARCH 12! Alison Acosta Fraser (Heritage) declares in her “First Look at the 2014 Ryan Budget” (click here) –“Not a silver bullet, it is more of a stasis budget, rather than a bolder plan that builds on the reforms of previous years.” Fraser finds that “perhaps the biggest shortcoming of this budget is that it keeps the tax increases [$1 trillion] associated with Obamacare. These tax hikes are the oxygen that fuels the fire of ever bigger spending. But the entire fire needs to be put out—all of Obamacare should be repealed, including its tax hikes.” Readers are encouraged to consider Fraser’s entire post here.  
  • MARCH 12! This morning RedState chief Erick Erickson explains the importance of voting against “rules” allowing House consideration of big-government legislation.  Click here to read his “Fight Club vs. the Weenie Brigade.”
  • MARCH 12! Last night Byron York (Washington Examiner) revealed “And at a meeting of Senate Republicans recently, several lawmakers spoke out against Cruz’s plan, with some raised voices. Obamacare is a reality, one lawmaker argued; there’s just been an election that was in part a referendum on it, and Republicans lost.” Click here to read York’s “Ted Cruz pushes for vote to stop funding for Obamacare”.
  • MARCH 11! Daniel Horowitz (MadisonProject) asks “What’s the Point of the Ryan Budget?” – “And if the past is a good indication of the future, conservatives will be disappointed. In 2011, Paul Ryan introduced a pretty good budget for FY 2012.  We were told at the time to hold back on the FY 2011 CR [Continuing Resolution] because ‘wait until the Ryan budget, and we’ll defund Obamacare and cut trillions.’  Well, we waited for the Ryan budget, and Republicans never had any intention of standing behind it.  They eventually passed Harry Reid’s omnibus bill, which increased spending and obviously left Obamacare intact. It’s really very simple, folks.  You can unilaterally craft a budget that balances in 10 years, 5 years, or one year.  It is irrelevant unless you plan to use the debt ceiling or budget deadline as leverage to force through a major element of that budget.” Click here to read the entire Horowitz post.

House GOP Leadership Seen Bare; Will The Grass Roots Now Push Back On Immigration and Gun Control?

Ben Shapiro (Breitbart) reports “House GOP Leaders: We Can Pass Gun Control, Immigration, Without Republican Support” – –

“With more and more conservatives in the House rebelling against John Boehner’s increasingly questionable Speakership, Republican House leadership is now moving to quash in-house concerns by reaching across the aisle for support. Leadership is moving in the wake of a surprising move by 16 House Republicans to vote against a Republican leadership-crafted closed rule on a government funding bill. The rule was designed to limit amendments to the government funding bill, but some House conservatives, concerned over the Boehner team’s refusal to consider a floor vote on an amendment to defund Obamacare implementation, bucked Boehner on the rule.
After undergoing that unpleasant shock, House leadership hasn’t responded by listening to the concerns of the more conservative members of its caucus. Instead, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on Sunday that he would be open to ramming through bills without the support of a majority of his own Republican caucus. Not just on small bills. On issues like immigration and gun control, McCarthy said, he’d be open to taking rogue Republicans across the aisle to work with Democrats.
‘It is better if the House does their work,’ said McCarthy. ‘We should be sending bills to the Senate.’ As CNN host Candy Crowley pointed out, McCarthy refused to give a straight answer on whether he would continue to uphold the so-called Hastert Rule, under which Republican leadership moves forward with bills only if they have a majority of Republican support.”  (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Click here to read the entire Ben Shapiro story. 

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s later walkback on his position is not believable.  The trust well of the House GOP leadership has simply run dry.

Will Virginia conservatives have heart-to-heart talks with the Old Dominion’s eight GOP House members (click here) including majority leader Eric Cantor and senior appropriator Frank Wolf – in time?

Do Virginia GOP House members really want to be complicit in the passage of a Federal gun-control measure that is supported by House Democrats and a small core of speaker John Boehner loyalists?

After the giant Bob McDonnell tax hike, presumably the Virginia grass roots now understand the wages of deferentially waiting to protest to GOP leaders until it is too late.

(Thanks to Joe Miller’s Restoring Liberty for promptly bringing our attention to the Ben Shapiro post.)




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