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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 17 Apr 2013 09:08 pm

Guns:Citizens vs. Inept Cops; SWAT Fixations of Militarized Police

I am not clear that it is good for a society that the persons in it become accustomed to being arrested. The dark aspect of this development is that we seem no longer to think much of it. George Orwell, of course, kept insisting that oppression comes on little cat’s feet, and that once it has happened it no longer seems like oppression.” – Daniel P. Moynihan 1966 (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Yesterday, NRO’s Charles C. W. Cooke posted “Texas Soldier Arrested for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Weapon,” click here.

The Blaze’s Erica Ritz again posted today “‘Shocked and Horrified’: Glenn Beck’s Gripping Interview With Vet Arrested After ‘Rudely Displaying’ His Gun,” click here.

NRO’s Cooke makes several salient points after watching the video of Grisham’s arrest:

  • “Note the officers’ ignorance of the rules they are there to uphold, the suggestion that the law doesn’t apply in this ‘day and age,’ and the persistent claim that American citzens are presumed to have their weapons illegally unless otherwise demonstrated.”
  • “Note the officer’s claim that merely owning a gun makes someone dangerous.”
  • “Note the conflation of a soldier in a war zone with a citizen in rural Texas.”
  • “Note the persistent refusal to explain what law Grisham has broken.”
  • “Particularly chilling is the officer’s telling Grisham that a police officer is ‘allowed to’ carry a weapon, but that Grisham is not — despite Grisham’s having a permit.”

Cooke (who today pens another NRO post  “Don’t Let Logic Ruin a Good Law” ) pursued his inquiry —

  • “Does this happen to soldiers a lot? I ask. ‘Yes, this has happened several times in this area. To Staff Sergeant Nate Samson, for example. He had to fight these guys for ten months. The charges were dropped, but he has no justice. He doesn’t have a lot of money to fight them. I have a pretrial hearing on May 29. The police are dragging their feet, not releasing the video. They’re waiting as long as they can — playing hard to get. . . . The reason I’m aggressive on this is that, in the military, if this happens, they initiate a flag that halts your career.’”

Click here to read in local paper,  “Charge reduced against man hiking with gun in Temple.”

Tracking the Right Use and Misuse of SWAT Teams

“Many of the older cops I interviewed for [my] book told me that sense of sacrifice — really the public service aspect of the job — has been lost over the last few decades.” — Radley Balko

In our post of this name last month on this date (click here), we revisited some SWAT use in Maryland and Virginia and highlighted enhanced SWAT-reporting legislation in the Maryland General Assembly (SB590, and HB1178 and HB 1520) that extended the life and broadened the scope of Maryland SWAT reporting.  The Maryland state senate passed SB590 unanimously; HB1178, the principal House bill, died in committee. Neither a senate Republican nor a house Democrat, authoring or co-sponsoring this legislation, responded to our requests to tell us what members or organizations blocked final enactment of these bills in this session.

As we wrote in August 2008 about SWAT misuse —

“The security of one’s family and property against gross misuse of state power must always be a central conservative concern.”

 The challenge is to preserve our individual freedoms in a time of violent jihadists and a serious gang menace in our cities. We need unpoliticized and savvy professionals to combat both. But we don’t need militarized cops in our communities.

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